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    so its warm out today and i have air condtion on inside so i put the chicks out side to get used to the sound they will be hearing when they move outside i put there heat lamp on so to make sure they would not get two cold ( i have 3 chicks i think about 2 weeks they are gettting tail feather and 1 chick barly getting her wing feathers so so 1 week old) well my little girl was chilling out sleeping enjoying out side and one of my black and white ones was sound asleep but my other 2 wow they were pacing back and forth cheerping loudly trying to get out of cage this was after being otu for about 20 min. birds out side where chirping i had the water fall on to make things soomthing though they would really enjoy it out there but with teh 2 acting that way i brought them back in and after about 5 min all was good they all went to sleep. so any one can explain where they stressed or excited and just wanted to get out and play shold i not do this again help

    I took this pic when i first put them out i did put them in the shade i did not want them to over heat
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    Mar 20, 2012
    They are probably fine. It is just a new experience for them so they are a little stressed and excited. The other two are probably a little calmer.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    They get scared so easily! They could of been cold too. Who knows. When I first bring mine outside, I sit along side them. Usually they are scared at first, but then they see me and start scratching the dirt and look for bugs in the grass. Try taking little baby steps. Take them out for 5 minutes at first until they get use to it. I did the same with the inside the coop.

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