Congested, lethargic, mouth breather

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    Please help!

    Our 6-7 month old barred rock pullet practically fell out of the coop this morning. When I put them away last night, it looked like there may have been some clear mucus, but this morning there is definitely nasal discharge. She is breathing out of her mouth, and almost snorting/choking for breath every few minutes. I haven't noticed any sneezing.

    I pulled her from the coop, and she's on the porch with us now, with her own scrambled eggs, water, and yogurt. She seems mildly interested in the eggs, but hasn't really touched the yogurt or water.

    Her crop looks larger than normal, but I don't feel any solid mass.

    What is this? Respiratory infection? Impacted crop? Harassment for being the youngest in the flock? (she's the only non-layer at the moment)

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