Congested & rattling sneezing chickens PLEASE HELP!

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    A couple days ago I noticed one of my 17 week old babies started sneezing. I took note but left it alone because they tend to sneeze every now and then. Well it has gotten worse each day. It's been about 3 days now and all my chickens are sneezing and 3-4 of them sound congested and gasp afterward. I am seriously concerned and have no idea what to do. After much reading IB sounds the closest to their symptoms. I have no vet to see chickens. I added ACV to their water, I've given hard boiled eggs just as a boost. Also yogurt. They are eating & drinking fine. Acting fine too. It's been extremely cold here. Below zero this whole week. Their pens are clean and no ammonia smell. I have approx 45 birds in an 8 x 18 coop. They've been staying indoors all week due to the bitter cold. I'd appreciate ANY advice!!! TIA
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    You may want to contact your state vet or local extension agent to get testing on a couple of chickens to confirm IB. It can last several weeks, and chickens need to be kept warm. Sneezing and a clear nasal discharge is common. Since you have so many ill, it does sound like IB, the most common respiratory viral disease. Antibiotics don't treat viruses, but sometimes secondary bacterial infections can occur, if you notice any getting very sick. Tylan 50 injectable(one of the only antibiotics found in feed stores now) can be used both orally or by injection to treat secondary bacterial diseases. I would not hatch any chicks or bring in new birds for at least a year from now, since IB can make carriers of the whole flock for up to a year. Most chickens your age will tolerate the disease okay, but it can be serious in young chicks. Let us know how they get along.

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