Congrats, 35,000 Members! More Image & Private Message Storage Space


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Hey Everybody!

We hit a great milestone today, 35,000 members to our wonderful community!

This year has been amazing for the growth of the backyard chicken trend as it has for BYC. While impossible to measure, I know that one of the big reasons for the growth of both (the trend and the site) is due to all the great work YOU all have done in promoting the joy of raising backyard chickens to everyone you meet, and to that I say:

With all that said, we can't sit on our laurels (hands, whatever). We've still got a ways to go until we fulfill our mission:

A Chicken In Every Yard!

To celebrate this growth we've made two upgrades:

1) For all our standard members we've increased the image hosting storage space by 20%!

2) For our Golden Feather Members we've increased the PM storage space by 25%!

On a related note: With all the growth of the site we've needed to do a few major upgrades to our servers to keep things functioning to a level you've all come to expect. All the server upgrades and hosting fees, in addition to all the improvements, new features, and upgrades are made possible due to contributions from our Golden Feather Members and in a very large part to our sponsors.

Please take a moment out of your busy day to visit our sponsors' websites and send them a note (maybe email or use their "contact us" forms) letting them know that you appreciate their sponsorship of BYC! You can find the BYC Sponsors' banners at the top right of every BYC Forum page and also listed on our chicken supplies page.


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Thank you so much for all you do. This site has answered many questions for me and helped me make a lot of sales. I appreciate all the work you do.
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