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    Three of our 5 chicks have conjunctivitis! They seem otherwise healthy and are eating and drinking fine. We have had them about two weeks and they are about 6 weeks old. This is day two of treating with triple antibiotic ointment and cleaning with warm wash cloth. I have read through some other forum posts.. any other suggestions.. I hope it starts to clear up soon! In case it helps.. they are Jersey Giant and Brahma Buff cross.
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    What are the symptoms?

    How much room do they have? What is the ventilation like? What is the bedding?
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    Unfortunately conjunctivitis is a symptom of CRD (Mycoplasma,) coryza, avian influenza, ILT, and other diseases. These are contagious and chronic infections, some viruses, some mycoplasma or bacterial. I would check with the place you bought these chicks because they probably were carriers when they arrived, unless they have contracted AI or something on your property. If they have been kept inside in your brooder, they probably brought it with them. Antibiotics such as Tylan, erythromycin, and oxytetracyline may help symptoms, but will not cure the diseases. Here is a list of diseases and symptoms of common diseases:

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