Considering Adopting a Single Pullet


7 Years
Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
I have a mixed breed flock of nine hens... three two-year-olds and six one-year-olds. They have a great life and receive lots of loving care... the best I can provide regarding shelter, space, feed, and avian veterinary care, when needed.
Except for one loss to a laying disorder in September, everything is going so smoothly, I had not planned to get chicks this year so as not to disrupt the peace (and my flock is a nice manageable size.)
However, a ten-month-old blue ameracauna recently became available, and I’m considering taking her in (with a proper quarantine period, of course... I’m not sure how well I am set up for that.) Is this a bad idea? I don’t want to expose my flock to potential illnesses or parasites and bringing in a single hen sounds downright dangerous in an existing flock. Thoughts? Advice? Anecdotes? Thanks!
It’s great thought that your willing to do that, but for me I only mix birds to my flock that I got on first day or first week of their hatch. Just my preference, In
five years of such practice I’d been very lucky not to have diseases and bugs in my flock of 30 hens + a rooster.
I wouldn't bring in anything but chicks or hatching eggs either. I learned that lesson the hard way a few years back. You just never know what they are carrying.

Bringing in a single bird too is a bad idea. It's very stressful on the individual.
Ive adopted in lots of waifs and strays over the years ...I’d never not try if it needs rehoming ..on one occasion I had re rehomed as they just didn’t get along and it was just too much to cope with the noise and daily fights ...other than that it’s been ok
I was given one Yokohama hen last week ..she’s super small so I bought her a friend and they are quarantining together nicely ..they went into the free ranging paddock today with just a bit of a fuss but nothing major..introduce two if you can but I’ve introduce one several times with no problems when it’s been a larger hen.
Good answer.

I was told they relocated and had one too many for their zoning allowance. I was questioning why they chose that particular bird, but didn’t follow up since I decided against taking in a singlet and she was already taken.

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