Considering Starting a consolidated hatchery.


Apr 6, 2015
Today I registered the domain name and began the application process for registering a business by the same name (Consolidated Hatcheries). Below is my business plan. I'm looking for thoughts on what might make it better (more appealing for both sellers and buyers) or just input in general of what you think.

I would type out the model but it is long a boring so I'll give you a run down.

The idea is to bring together quality breeders with buyers that are interested in purchasing chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, or game fowl that exceed the quality standards that commercial hatcheries are capable of supplying. I will do this by creating a platform ( where buyers can visit and search for the breed they are interested in. Once they search they will be presented with a list of breeders in their area that are currently selling that specific breed. list will be ordered by distance and reputation and next available hatch date. The buyer can then select a breeder and be connected with them through the site to arrange the purchase.

Breeders - A breeder would apply to be a supplier online (this would not be an open enrollment such as eBay) and must be approved. Approval would be considered by several factors...

1. Location - There would be a limit to the number of breeders of any specific breed with in a given area. (I know this is a little vague but I have not completely worked out the details on this yet)

2. NPIP - certification.

3. Ability to ship (I don't know that this is a deal killer but I believe the breeder would be much more successful and this would make the process more convenient for the buyer).

4. Ability to vet. - I.E. What type of reputation does this breeder already have.

5. Time as a breeder.

I think the application will be approved by a panel of breeders that are already active on the site. (who knows more about determining if a breeders qualifies than other breeders.)

It should be noted in order to maintain quality breeders would still maintain total control over their process, pricing, hatch dates, availability. ect..

My next step is to form the panel so we can begin creation of the terms.

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