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I can't stand following a bunch of different threads that only get hit occasionally...

I'd like to form a consolidated Kansas thread and point the other Kansas threads to it- so this is the new Consolidated Kansas thread, and I'll post a link to it on the other threads.

Hooray!! Go Oz chickens!!!
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Does seem like there should be more of us, doesn't it? Perhaps we're afraid to come out of the woodwork
Perfectly proper to post that here, I think, since we're all supposed to be regional...I'm not sure what the mods would say, but I see that kind of post on other area threads. Makes sense to me...

I'm not looking, though, because I have a gazillion birds I'm trying to sell!!! You know I'll be tempted!
Hello Kansas Folks,

I no longer live in Kansas, but I'm going back and forth for things I'll stay caught up with the going ons.

There is the big auction in Yates Center, ks this coming weekend 10/10 - 10/11. Tons of animals, tons of birds. Great place to buy, great place to sell. Hope to see you there!

If you need info shoot me a message. Also, go to and click on the auction page.

There are certain requirements for selling poultry be sure to ask if interested.

Have a good day.

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