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    May 31, 2010
    Wichita, Kansas
    Lol I keep laughing about that too!
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    Karen-OUCH! I hope the pain isn't too bad overnight. I'm taking percoset right now for my knee, and it upsets my stomach unless I eat with it.

    I'm glad you were (eventually) able to laugh about it. I guess there's more than one way to be "henpecked!"

    The lady I gave the little old enlish hen to called and said her little hen turned up very sick today. She was crying. It doesn't sound good. It sure came on fast, though. She is lethargic, wings and tail drooping, uncoordinated. She's got several calls in to see if she can get some help for her.
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    Jun 13, 2010
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    [​IMG]I'm so sorry. She was special, I know.
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    Jun 27, 2010
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    Chooks, I'd like to learn more about how your family eats for diabetes. My aunt is diabetic, took the nutrition class her doctor sent her to, and still doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on some of the information. If you can steer me towards the right research or books or whatever, I'd appreciate it.

    Karen, OW! I'm glad your isn't seriously damaged, though it probably feels like it is. What an honor to be the first hen-peck victim your doctor has seen. [​IMG]

    Hawkeye, I'm so, so sorry about Seymore. I loved looking for her in your pictures, especially the ones where you didn't even know she was there until later. Please don't beat yourself up about it. I know it's hard; I blame myself for every animal I've ever had who died. I go over everything I ever did wrong ... please don't do that to yourself. Things happen. You gave her the best home and lots of love. [​IMG]

    My strawberry fiasco: I saw the pictures of gardens made from wood pallets online and thought it looked cool, especially for someone with limited space. I've wanted strawberries for years, but have no place to make a decent sized strawberry bed. I thought, hey, they make those strawberry pots so the strawberries can just hang over the edge, a pallet would work the same way. So we went to the newspaper building and got a free pallet. DH didn't want to shell out for landscaping fabric, so he found some old tarpaper in the garage and decided to use that to cover the back of the pallet. We happily buy a couple of 10-packs of strawberry roots for $5 a pack. We sift compost. We discover that the pallet is made of oak and the staples won't go in. We have to find scrap wood to put inside along the sides where there are cutouts. DH finds a bunch of U-shaped brads to nail on the tarpaper. The instructions say to fill the pallet while it's flat, let the plants root a couple of days, then stand it up where you want it. We can't do that -- I can't pick up my end of when it's filled and besides, the tarpaper will tear out. We prop it up against the deck and start filling. As you might guess, dirt is everywhere by the time we're done. We need two more 10-packs of strawberries to fill the slats and top (another $10). Watering causes more dirt to fall out. DH wonders if we'll get $20 worth of strawberries out of this and I'm quite sure we won't, even if the plants survive the winter and produce next year! There's a reason the pictures online show a pallet filled with about $100 worth of already-grown plants -- that's how you keep the dirt in. [​IMG] I'm just hoping the tarpaper will last all season and enough dirt will stay in to keep some of the plants alive.
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    Jun 13, 2010
    Admire, KS
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    Okay, I've had all day to cry and stew over this. I've decided that I haven't had my "plunker" out since I had my kids and it's time to clean it. Going to round me up some coyotes. Or as my Dh said as he laughed himself out the door on his way to the neighbors-- put some pretty big holes in the ground where they ran off. Either way, it's open season.

    Karen, I'm soooo sorry about your eye! I'm relieved that it isn't serious enough to warrant a surgery, but it doesn't sound good either way! I had Lasik surgery done on my eyes after my first child was born-- 7 years ago. I remember the pain after that. It's wasn't too terribly bad, but it was bad enough I just went home and slept it off for a couple of days. On the up side, eyes do heal quickly.

    Thank you everyone so much for all the words of sympathy and comfort you gave me for Seymore. I'm still just bouncing back and forth between really angry with myself and sad/crying about it. Who knew that a bird would come to mean so much to me. And tonight as I drove in from piano practice, it hit me again that she wasn't there to greet me with her loud turkey noises and run after me into the garage for her petting. [​IMG] But I'll be alright and I'm going to make darn sure I don't do something like that again. And I might deplete the population here in a bit, too of turkey eaters.
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    Dec 30, 2011
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    Januvia plus metformin was what he's been on for the past year and a half, it just wasn't cutting it anymore, I guess. He has his follow-up appointment with the Dr tomorrow. We are defintely looking a lot closer at that zone diet you mentioned. Trying to make since of the carbs and GI Index is overwhelming! He said that he does have an endocrinologist that he was referred to for him cholestrol and joint pain that's not been identified, so he'll talk to her as well about the diabetes. Thanks very much for the tips!

    This is our biggest problem. The information seems to be all over the place and it's hard to just find a specific list of all the foods that a normal person would eat with their carbohydrate amounts. Tie that into GI Index and GI load, it starts to get confusing! Dr mentioned to him that he shouldn't have his glass of OJ every morning because it's boosting his sugars to high, just a lot of sites state that OJ is a low GI index which should be good. I understand your aunt's frustration! We'll be going to our class next week.
  8. tweetysvoice

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    Dec 30, 2011
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    You go girl!! Take some revenge for Seymore!
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    May 20, 2010
    Karen, I am accident prone. My doctor told me I need to wear a suit of armor just to go outside. I actually did the same thing each time to a different eye. I bent over to pull out some dead leaves and ran a day lily spike into my eye. Another time I was trimming off dead leaves from a Clematis and ran a vining stick into the other eye.
    After the first one I have never been so sick in all my life. I got an infection in it the doctor explained was like a welder's burn. Each time my eye would react to light it was excruciating pain. I then had my eye covered, but when my other eye reacted to light the covered one did too so it still hurt.
    I was literally so sick with it I couldn't stand up.
    The second time I ran the vine thing into the other eye I rushed to the ER instead of waiting like I did with the first one. I got the same eye medication I had before but that time I ended up having an allergic reaction to it and it made my eye even worse. That is the way I am though. I become allergic to everything I come in contact with at some point it seems.
    I've probably ran enough nails into my feet I could build a house with them. I've fallen through floors and ceilings and you name it. I've run a 6 inch sliver of wood completely through one of my fingers so it stuck out on both sides. I've stabbed myself with an exacto knife and run it clear to the bone. etc etc. Now I just trip when the ground isn't level. I'm just a major klutz.
    I do hope your eye heals without problems and your pride heals with it.
    Hawkeye our pets can become such a vital part of our lives. I know when my old cats die it will be like loosing a dear friend.
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Everybody, thanks so much for laughing along with me! I've spent most of the day sleeping. I can only stay up for a short amount of time before I get nauseated and have to go back to bed. Since I haven't had the percocet since this a.m., I don't think I can continue to blame it for my current state of misery. You all are so right, I took that percocet on an empty stomach, though, and will never repeat that mistake. The eye does feel better this eve, maybe because it's dark as well as healing?

    Hawkeye, glad to see you're back. I feel so bad for you, I even support you blowing holes in the earth after those coyotes! Your DH sounds like mine. He makes clever little remarks that make me smile in spite of myself!

    Danz, I concede. You are a bigger mess than me! Ouch! What part of "be careful" do we not understand? [​IMG]

    So. We got the windows put in the coop and the fence is up. We just need to get a 12 volt batt for the solar charger and move birds! Maybe tomorrow? DH stayed home with me today and will be home with me again tomorrow to drive me to the Doctor. Yay for 4 weeks of vacation time!

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