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    Tweety, can't wait to see what kinds of silkies you get! Very exciting! I'm going to have some more silkies hatch here this weekend.

    HEChicken, love your new compost set up! Definitely a great idea! And good thing to let that horse manure sit for a year. The down side about it is that if you use it too soon, then it will grow all the seeds in it-- like milo from them eating their grain and passing it thru. Learned from experience. Although, I LOVE using my horse manure once it has been sitting there for a good year and there are no more seeds to grow in it. Your dogs are so cute! They look spunky and happy to be out there! Baking cookies or having a BBQ sounds like a great idea for the neighbor kids.

    Danz, hopefully someone else can use those clothes and appreciate them. That is neat that you have several hens sitting on eggs. Fun to let them do it on their own. Hope you get your incubator humidity figured out! I'm glad that Chopper is happy with his geese buddies. I'm sure he'll always be a favorite even though he was a mess. [​IMG]

    TntBlake, that is a funny ad! Yeah, not sure what people are thinking!!

    Pikeman, good luck with your surgery and hope you feel better quickly and heal up!

    Cherwill, what was your harebrained strawberry pallet idea? I planed a few strawberries a bit ago in my garden. It's been sooooo cold though, I'm surprised it all hasnt' died off! But so far, it's all hanging in there. My poor tomatoes!
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    OH no. I forgot to put Seymore in last night and she's dead this morning. I THOUGHT I had put her in! I was shocked when I went out there this morning and she wasn't in her kennel for the night. I can't believe I did that. I walked out to where she was making that nest and it looks like she must have went out there to sit on her nest for the night. They got her there. Feathers every where. I'm feeling pretty sick and angry with myself. Poor Seymore, there's not another turkey like her. This is all my fault.
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    Good luck with your surgery! I've had my gallbladder out. you will feel SOOO much better after you've healed up! Take care!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] I'm sooooo sorry to hear this Hawkeye. Silly bird just didn't realize that it wasn't good for her to go out there and stay. Sending big hugs to you!
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    Do study up on what the endocrinology school of thought is on the diabetes, too- we got a much better handle on hubby's blood sugars using endocrinology philosophies than normal internal medicine ideas. There are MANY other hormones involved than just insulin, and oversimplifying it can actually end up aging a person and making them more heart attach and stroke prone. Look into Januvia. It helped my DH's HbA1c tons. He's generally around a 5.3 these days, good athletic weight, and feels better (no more sandbags tied to hands and feet feeling!). Most of all, follow the rules of diet: protein every 2-2 1/2 hours. If you use the Zone diet, that helps immensely. We went macrobiotic for a while, and raw for a while. Both helped a lot, but it's been 12 years, so we've settled into our own little plan. Most of all, we raised the girls to eat as though they're diabetic, as it's all over my family, too, so they won't have to learn it if it should happen to them...and it's less likely to.

    I'm sooooo sorry.

    These hard losses stick with us and I know you'll miss her for a long time.

    Verna, I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm still praying for all of you and hoping things get easier. I know you're strong, but it's okay to be needy right now, and to give yourself a break. Big love, sister.
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    Danz- I'm glad you are finding some peace with it all and I pray your dad can too. I will continue to pray for you guys.

    Hawkeye- I am so sorry about Seymore. That is terrible.

    Pikeman- Good luck with your surgery and take it easy for a few days.
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    She was just a silly bird, but I have just been crying and crying. I'm just so angry with myself for leaving her out. What a dumb thing to do. She was a pet, she came running up to me and would jump in my arms, and coo when I pet her. I held her last night-- when I thought i had put her in. She came in for her dinner, and I held her and talked to her and pet her. She always enjoyed that. Then obviously I just didn't lock her inside and later I realized around 10pm that I had forgotten to shut the garage door and i just stuck my arm out and hit the button and shut it. I never imagined she would walk back out there to the tree line far, far from the house. I'm not one to go after coyotes, but I'm seriously thinking about getting my gun and sitting out there for them. She just never had any idea that anything would hurt her. I feel so bad for her, and just so angry and feeling so stupid. Poor Seymore.
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    Pikeman-Good luck with your surgery. The laparoscopic way is SO much easier and faster to recover. Maybe some achy shoulders or neck and some surgical soreness, but not that much.

    Hawkeye- NOT SEYMORE! Oh, I'm so sorry. I felt like I knew Seymmore, too, having read about her ever since you got/rescued her. Oh, what a shame. Yeah, I'd be mad enough to go after some coyotes for sure. I know I was ready to kill our own little dog when he went nutso on the turkeys., but of course I'm glad I didn't. It may be too early to think about it, but put this in the back of your hat and think about it. I will have some royal palms hatching before long. I sure would be willing to give you a couple poults to replace Seymore.
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    Hope the surgery goes well and you're back with us soon!

    Looking forward to hearing the details on this.

    Thanks! Yeah, I also learned from experience to let the horse manure age. Last year I set up a new raised bed that was quite deep (salvaged lumber for the frame). Trying to figure out how to fill it without breaking the bank, I had the "brilliant" idea to kill two birds with one stone. We have a glut of manure at the barn so it seemed like a good idea to make a 6" layer of horse manure in my raised bed and top it with top soil. I figured the roots of my vegies would love it when they got down that far. Well, they did, but as you noted, the seeds from the manure loved it too. I spent all of last year pulling out the plants sprouting from the seeds in the manure. Isn't it a pity we all have to learn this by our own experience? The horse manure that made it into the compost pile this weekend was actually collected in Jan/Feb so is a few months old already. The only thing I don't know is: if it is sitting in a closed up (plastic woven) feed bag, is it actually aging? Or does the aging process not start until it is open to the air as in the compost pile? Do you know? Either way, its not going to be used until my spring garden NEXT year so will be a year old by then. I only hope the pile heats up fast enough to kill all those seeds before they start to sprout.

    Oh no Hawkeye, that is horrible. I am SO sorry. What an awful feeling for you and a horrible experience to have to find her like that. When we were kids, it was our job to shut the chicken and duck coops each night when it got dark. Where we lived back then, foxes were our main predator and there were enough of them that if we forgot to shut the coops, we woke to a carnage the next morning. And, being young kids, we sometimes forgot. I've woken up enough times to this terrible discovery that I know exactly what you are feeling now. I know there is really nothing I can say that will help you to feel better about it, but do know that you are in my thoughts today. You gave her a great life with a lot of love and care - I hope you will take some comfort from knowing that.
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    I took these pictures last week. A tribute to my Seymore. Thank you all for the sympathy, I do appreciate it and it's nice to know you all understand. It's just not going to be the same without her here. She was so sweet and friendly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    You can see here how gentle her eyes were and how sweet she is by her expression.
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