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    OOH, can you tell me which shows???! When/where? I am coming up empty handed looking for shows right now! And our 4-H clubs (that I know of) aren't doing any right now.

    I think turkey are awesome! That is so fun to be out there with them. :) I love their noises. I hope you can find that egg quick that is smelling. Maybe by tonight or tomorrow morning you'll discover which one it is. (without it exlpoding!) I don't know what Bobwhite look like-- but doesn't Daren have those too? Are they pretty small?? I think quail would be fun! But I'm going to stick to my silkie project and not do anything else. I'm learning so much right now-- too much to handle! For example, I'm unforunately learning first hand about the brachydactyly gene which is common in feather legs. :( It's also what causes a shortened outside toe or a missing toe nail. (my new chick has this!) Lucky for me, it's not a DQ, but it's not a trait I want in offspring. And I just learned that you have to have both parents that have a copy of that gene to pass it on. Guess what I have??? Sigh. Looks like i need to find another nice rooster for my pullet and another hen for my rooster! [​IMG] But I'm going to be far more careful and picky about what their toes and wings look like this time around. I really lucked out with the ones I have, but now I have a better idea of what I'm doing. But even if I stick with my paring, it's only a 50% chance they will get it. Breeding is HARD!!!!

    Which birds were you thinking of showing? Just wondering which breeds you are working on? Did you get any of those black rosecombs from your sister?
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    Oct 12, 2011

    I want them. Pm me when would be a good time for you .

    Danz, you are still in our prayers and thoughts.Hope everything goes well with your Dad.
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    My first idea would be to throw them a small barbeque or something like that. Something you can use to get to know them better as well. Good neighbors are hard to find, so getting to know them might give you the opportunity to let them know all about your chickens and possibily teach their boys how to help if you ever needed more muscle :)

    I would love to see how you set it up! Right now I just have a "pile" o stuff and want to create something better to contain it.

    I'm so happy to hear that it was a peaceful passing. I know that she was so thankful that family was there and she wasn't alone.
    How exciting to be able to share your chicks, ducklings, and chickens with your granddaughter! I can't wait till mine is old enough to know what they are - my hope is that she'll want to come over all the time because of them! hehe

    You'll have to show us pictures of the progress!!! And yes, It is quite chilly here as well!

    Do eggs actually explode in incubators? What happens if that does happen, do you have to wash off all the other eggs and the inside? That's a horrid thought. Rotten egg is the worst smell in the world!

    Another wonderful day with my granddaughter. Now I don't get to babysit for another couple weeks. I'm going to be watching her every other weekend (She'll go to her ex-step-mom's house the other weekends). It was so nice! I didn't realize how much I missed having a baby around. She's such a content baby. Only cries when she's hungry. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    I'm axiously waiting for the call/email from Renee about the silkies! She said that she put several under a broody on Friday and was expecting them to hatch any day. I must be patient - I must! LOL
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    When we move is still a little up in the air. We are staying in our current house through the end of the school year because we didn't want to have to disrupt the kids school with only 6-8 weeks left of school. I had planned that we would move the first weekend they were out of school but then got the baseball/tournament schedule and that will continue to keep us busy through July. So long story short, we will have to wait until school lets out AND there is no baseball tournament that weekend.

    Sorry about the rotten egg - I hope you're able to find out its origin before it explodes.

    On the bobwhite quail, the only quail I have raised are Coturnix and the reason I chose them is because like chickens, they are happy to live in colonies - 1:5 is a pretty good ratio. My understanding of bobwhites is that they do best in pairs. So 25 chicks could leave you in a housing bind when they mature and need to be split into 12 pairs. I could be wrong but its worth looking into before you get too far into them.

    A barbeque is a great idea - I think we'll plan on that after we move out there. In the meantime I'll probably try to bake some cookies for the boys - I think they'll appreciate them more than eggs!

    Here is a pic I took today of my compost set up. I woke up in the night worrying about my neighbor's free-ranging flock getting into it and flinging everything back out so when I was out there today, I found this roll of 5' wire that was the perfect length to go across the front and wrap around the sides. Its temporary until I can figure something more permanent but at least I can relax this week and know that what I've put in there so far will stay. I have more horse manure bagged and ready to go in but it was at the barn so I couldn't add it today. I set aside some leaves (in the bags in the middle space) so that I can continue to layer the leaves and manure once I bring those bags over. By then the pile should be a decent size. One of the middle pallets appears to be leaning a little. They're secure with tie plates so its not going to fall but I'd like it to look better so I'll try to straighten it up next time I'm there.

    And here's a pic of my dogs who love to go out there and look so happy every time we do.
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    May 20, 2010
    I had a busy day today just trying to catch up on some of my chores from the past week. I have a few large nests of eggs that have hens on them I guess I will just leave alone and see if they hatch them. Some of them have been there a week so I might as well give them a chance.
    I went to my sister's today and we sorted through some of my Mom's clothes. I am going to take many to my Asian friend who buys eggs from me for their restaurant. She is tiny and Mom was wearing size 1 and 2 so maybe at least she could get some good out of them. My mother had some really beautiful clothes. I wish I were small enough to wear some of them. She always dressed nice, unlike me.(I'm your basic jeans and t shirt gal. I also brought home a plant and three flower arrangements. At least I can enjoy them and think what a shame it is that Mom can't see how beautiful they are.
    DH made a small shelter for my Sabastopol geese so now they can be in a kennel and eat grass from the yard. I have a heat lamp in their pen just in case they get chilly. Chopper got moved outside last Tuesday. He was sleeping in his crate on my back stoop. But he has decided he likes the geese so he is with them now. I enjoyed him but a house duck just requires way too much care.
    Maybe in the next few days I'll get busy on the trailer again. DH is working nights again so the peacock building is back on hold.
    I also discovered one reason I had so many chicks and ducks that didn't hatch. My auto water system isn't letting any water out, so all they had for humidity was the extra pan I put in the hatcher. I haven't taken the time to figure out what the problem is yet.
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    May 31, 2010
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    Just thought some of you would get a chuckle out of this craigslist ad I came across today. I also posted it on the craigslist thread. Ever heard of a rhodesian red chicken? It is the new Chicken/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross! Lol

    6 chicks for rehoming - $2 (west wichita)

    Date: 2012-04-17, 7:10AM CDT
    Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

    2 rhodesian reds, 2 feathered leg kuckoo maroos and 2 other black ones. They are all small pullets.
    please email me and I will get right back to you.
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    Kuckoo maroos-gotta be a kangaroo in the mix somewhere! LOL!
    My DH and get a laugh every night when we read craigslist. I'm surprised how many people really have no idea what they have and even less of an idea of how to spell it!
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    May 31, 2010
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    I know right?!? I usually laugh when I read them but very rarely do I see one I have to share! Some people should really educate themselves a little before posting it on a site that so many people read!
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    Just popped into say I will be offline for a few days as I recover from my gallbladder surgery. Tomorrow morning I get it out. I will check back in as soon as I can. Talk to you all soon!
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    Trish, your bunnies are so pretty. We had some bunnies when I was a kid and I still think their fur is one of the softest things on earth.

    Tweety, I'm glad to see you're being a good influence on your granddaughter! That's a great picture of you two.

    HEChickens, I love that compost setup. Your dogs look like sweeties, too.

    Pikeman, good luck with the surgery and hope you have a quick recovery.

    I'm too tired to tell you about it now, but I think my brilliant idea about the pallet strawberry planter is not so much brilliant as it is harebrained. [​IMG]

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