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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME
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    May 31, 2010
    Wichita, Kansas
    I have been thinking about you today, Verna. I hope you have made it through ok. I will continue to keep you and yours in my prayers.
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    Do you have a zero turn?? Yeah, I've done that! If you leave the brake off and/or have the blades engaged, it won't start. How funny! Glad that was the "problem".

    Pretty little cochin you have! Are you talking about names? She looks like a Daphne to me. I hope you are hearing chirps from your eggs! So exciting!! I understand the noise level! I have 3 littles ones in here and they are constantly yelling, screaming, fighting, playing, running around... [​IMG] I am always telling them to "GO OUTSIDE!!!!" I usually try to head out there with them. We've been playing outside most of the day. Well-- not true.. I've been doing things to the coops, and they are trying to help me.
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    X2. Same here, I keep thinking about how beautiful a day it is, and what a sad thing to be doing today.
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    Hawkeye, yep that was the "problem", I forgot which way the lever went to engage/disengage the blades. Oh well, at least I got the mowing all done today, it's nice to finally have it all done. Then I got a wild hair after that & decided to go clean out all the rabbit trays under the cages in the garage, boy that is a chore carrying them all outside, emptying them, washing them off & then putting pine shavings back in all of them. I told my DH between the rabbits & the chickens he should buy stock in pine shavings, I sure go through a lot of the stuff. I wish I knew somewhere cheaper to buy it. By the way, I need your expert building advice. I need to build another brooder box because I have chicks here I'm hatching & then some new ones coming this week from two different places to supplement my laying flock. I want to do this one a little different than the one I bought from that guy. I have this plastic tub thing that is rectangular & has a lip on the top. What I'm thinking is of building the box top part just like he did that one with the wood sides & the hardware cloth top, but instead of hardware cloth on the bottom with a tray under it like he did I want to have a slot where the tub fits under there & just have pine shavings in the bottom with the chicks. Are you picturing at all what I'm talking about? I'm just unsure how to make the slot for the tub to sit on so it could slide out to clean it. The tray the guy put under the cage of the other one should have had sides instead of just being flat because when you pull it out to clean it all the stray food & whatnot falls on the floor & then you have all of that to sweep up. You know how messy little chicks are, they knock half of their food out the bottom of the brooder & down onto that tray. Anyway, if you can picture what I mean & have ideas for me let me know. I need to get this thing built this week.

    IVY, how did your trip go with all of the chickens in the jeep?

    Sapphire, she looks like a Priscilla to me.

    Time to go do chores & I then I have to clean up & go buy groceries, fun, fun.
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Trish44, Hawkeye, Yup, I did the same thing when I first got my zero turn. I felt so foolish. Of course, not as foolish as I did when I slid over the muddy side of the catch creek and had to ask my husband to pull it out with his Trail Blazer. But, that's another story. [​IMG]

    So, HEChicken, I went out to take a pic of your cockerel and for a sec I wasn't exactly sure which one it was. But then I pulled myself together and remembered it had the beard, red wings and was just a bit smaller than the other cockerels. There is another that looks similar except it didn't have a beard and I knew yours did. There's one other that's darker than this one with red on it's wings so if I took the wrong one, let me know and I'll take another pic for you. We took some time with this one today to hand feed and hold it. It didn't mind once we broke out the treats!


    These are the Anconas I got from Verna hanging out with the Alohas. Look how big they are in comparison. They weren't that much bigger when we first got them but they are really growing. You can't really tell from the photos but their big duck feathers are starting to come in.


    We named the ducks Waddles, Quackers and Kiki. Quackers is chillin' above and Waddles (has more black) and Kiki are below.


    We took Shadow and Dottie, the mini rex bunnies I got from Teresa, for an excursion outside. We started out with their little vests and leashes on but they have a bit more to grow before they fit properly, so we ditched the paraphenalia and they explored a bit but ran back to us for safety.




    I got some mowing done today but most of the day was spent with the kids and our chicks, ducks and bunnies, so it was a good day. DH made progress with the coop so I have high hopes that the birds will make it to their new coop tomorrow! Can't wait!

    Verna, Miguel was thinking about you today, as was I.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    No accidents or funny incidents to report, but it was an interesting trip indeed. The best part was being able to spend some time with 19 y.o. DS on his birthday.

    We ended up coming home with 48 chickens loaded into cardboard boxes in the back of the jeep. I was NOT looking forward to this trip home! Windows open for sure! However, I was very pleasantly surprised and frankly amazed I could NOT smell these chickens. We had the rear windows open a ways, but really not that far. The Tom Avery poultry facility at KSU was the cleanest poultry place I have ever visited. The birds are clean, too. When we got home I had to clip the wings on all of them since the pen I will have to keep them in does not have a top on it, and I don't want them learning to fly out. I stuck my nose right down on those birds and they did not have an odor. I was truly amazed. I thought after being in boxes for the trip home they would pick up the smell of the poop in the box. Well, I mustered up some good ole country girl nerve and stuck my nose right in one of those poopy boxes. No smell.

    They must have some kind of magic no stink feed they use.

    After clipping the wings on 48 chickens I had a pretty good sized pile of feathers to sweep up, and I noticed that they had all found the feeder and were going at it with gusto. I think they will adapt well. I imagine they will smell like chickens, however, after eating my layer ration for a while.

    The red ones are a little larger than the whites. The whites ones are a little more skittish, but the red ones are more apt to be bossy or bullies. They were just starting to get some little pullet eggs out of the bunch at KSU, so these guys will be laying well before long. I was able to talk with Dr. Scott Byers, head of the poultry department. He had some very good information and gave everyone a fact/info/care sheet for their birds.

    Overall it was a very enjoyable, informative trip. I would highly recommend these pullets to anyone wishing to get some layers in the future.
  8. Ivywoods

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    On another note, we have been getting HUGE eggs from my older layers that I have here. We noticed they are laying eggs that are visibly larger than our turkey eggs.! I decided to weigh one. I have a digital gram scale. The one we picked up this morning weighed in at a whopping 84 grams. It's huge, and it's not a double yolk egg.

    I looked up a egg size scale, and the largest it listed was 72-78 grams as an "extra Jumbo." There was no classification for an egg that weighed in at a 84 grams. I guess I can name that classification myself, but it is hard to decide.

    Perhaps OMG![​IMG]


    Checoukan suggested, "SQUAWK!!"

    Anyway you look at it, it's got to be a big OUCH!

    I mentioned this to Dr. Byers. He said it is because they are older layers. He said their eggs get bigger and the numbers decline. These hens are in their 3rd season. I guess I have trouble throwing the ole girls in the noodle pot just because they have slowed down a mite. Heck, I've slowed down a bit myself, ya know. As far as I'm concerned any ole hen that lays those kinds of eggs for me not only deserves a little special treatment but perhaps a medal or honor as well!
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    Jun 27, 2010
    McPherson, KS
    Danz, I've been thinking about you today. [​IMG]

    Sapphire, what a beautiful picture of your ducks.

    Trish, we got a ZTR mower last year and several times I've killed it because I forget I have to disengage the hand brake before pulling the levers in. [​IMG]

    Karen, great pictures, especially that gorgeous cockerel.

    Ivy, I vote for baGAWK! [​IMG]

    We bought a new type of food that is supposed to produce eggs with higher omega-3s, but I think the girls don't like it as much. They don't seem to be eating as much food (though we've already discussed how my girls might be fat!). We're getting only one egg most days (from 6 hens) and the shells are thinner, like grocery store egg shells. I've started crushing shells and putting them out.
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    KarenS, what cute pics! The bunnies looked like they were enjoying themselves. I love the pic of the chick & the duck too!

    Hawkeye, OK you asked for bunny pics so here they come. I had a heck of a time getting any decent pics of the 3 week olds. Every time I tried to snap one they hopped off & turned their backs to me. Here is my favorite Mini Rex & the one I'm keeping:


    And a close-up of her sweet face:


    This is momma Chinchilla bunny checking out the babies after I took pics of them:


    And here are the remaining 5 babies, (she did lose the smallest one)

    They're just beginning to get some hair I noticed today. When I reach into the box & touch them they jump all around & make little squealing noises. I had pulled the hair off from over the top of them to get a photo, They burrow down into it.

    IVY, it sounds like your trip went OK, wow that's a lot of chickens you came home with! Your hen that lays a huge egg sounds like my Barred Rock that lays them like that a lot. I can't help but think she will stop laying earlier because of it. The other one lays extra large eggs, but not like that one. Some of my hens are on strike right now, I don't know why, but they seem to have stopped laying right now. They were laying like crazy for awhile & now I'm getting about half as many eggs a day as I was, not good for egg sales.

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