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    Oh I would, for sure. Perhaps someone here can help you out with some fertile eggs?
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    Sorry I haven't been on as much this week. Been super busy on this side.. Sorry if I missed any important stories!
    Thanks for all the kind words about my DH. We've had a few more scares since that first night. His blood sugar is still way out of whack. It was over 400 again this morning and they are upping his insulin again (for the third time) so hopefully this weekend he'll start feeling better again. After they got it down to 100 in the ER he said that he'd never felt so good in his life, but now that it's still bouncing up and down he's back to feeling crappy. I guess it'll take a while for it to get fully regulated. I think the thing that he's most grumpy about is not having his orange juice in the morning. LOL

    I love how ducks will make use of ANY source of water they find!! Cute pictures!!

    And, I hope your son is doing ok! It's amazing how much head wounds bleed.

    I just had to comment that Mildred is beautiful!! I love her colors!!

    Ivy, Those are awesome cages!! I could see so many possibilities with those! I showed them to my DH and he said "Don't even think about looking for something like that" LOL! I know, I know.. but a girl can dream! LOL Great find and I hope it's easy for you to get them set up!! Hope your head feels better as well!

    We miss you very much as well Danz. Thank you for the updates and please know that we are all here for you!

    I am so glad that my DS graduates from HS next month and we don't have to deal with that anymore! Between basketball and TKD, I swear that I was just a chouffer for him before he got his drivers license! That's something that I don't miss at all! My best friend's son (who is just 9) is playing baseball and she was telling me how crazy the number of practices are. She said that they run so late that they have troubles finding time to fit in dinner and homework! What are they thinking.. these are just kids!

    I hope you have fun!!! Be sure to post pictures, I'm curious as to what you come home with!!
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    I plan on doing that when my hens go broody. I'd love for them to get a chance to be a real mama at least once!
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    I'm pretty sure Checoukan could help you out with some fertile eggs! I know she's not that far from you.
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    Hmmm... wonder if we could work something out. She drives her school bus right by my daughter's house. Thanks!
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    IVY, have fun with the drive & that many pullets in that jeep! That should be a story when you get back. Where do you find all of these cages that you find? I never find great things like that.

    tweety, I hope your DH gets his blood sugar under control so he can feel better, that's really hard on the body bouncing around like that. Has he gone to the Diabetic classes since he is having to do the insulin now? I'm sure it will be a little different than the oral meds. My granddaughter's mother is a Diabetic & has been on insulin for quite awhile now. She doesn't do really well with her diet & controling it & she's a nurse, yeah sad, I know. She knows better of course, but you can't tell her anything & I don't think anyone tries because they would get their head chewed off.

    HeChicken, well I learned something new about sexlinks I didn't know, thanks! I don't know if the guy knows anything about what he's doing or not. I don't think I'll ask him, I'll just see if any hatch & go from there. I might just confuse him if I ask, so I'll just let it be a mystery.

    Wow, I'm tired. I went out & worked out in the garage some. I decided that since my momma Chinchilla rabbit wasn't so happy with her cardboard nest I would build her a wood one. I have quite a bit of scrap wood out in the garage just the right size for small projects, so I slapped together a box for her. I got it done after doing all of my other chores & transferred all the nesting material & the 6 little babies & moved them down a cage where I can work with them easier. All of the rest of the big rabbits are outside in hutches, so I had extra big cages empty. Anyway I got the babies moved with momma watching me the whole time & then I went & got her. She went & checked out the nest, hopping in to check on the babies & then back out again. She started eating after that & looked really happy with the whole thing, so maybe she's pleased to have a better nest box. She seemed perkier than she has been since having the babies, so if that's what it took then the work was worth it. So far all 6 have made it, there is one that is smaller than the rest, so I want to keep an eye on it. It sounds kind of gross, but if they have any babies die they eat them. That's what my other momma rabbit did when she lost those 3 tiny ones she had that were about a third the size of the other two. The two that made it are fat little things, they got fed well. Now that I have the babies where I can get to them easier maybe I can get some pics tomorrow. They're pretty active little things & they don't look anything like they will when they get their hair.

    I was planning to mow for two days now & for some reason I don't think I'm supposed to. The first day I started & then ran out of gas after mowing only the front yard. Then I went out today to mow some more & the mower wouldn't start. I tried everything & it just wouldn't start. My DH went into work early today naturally & I texted him & he had me check all of these things & nothing worked, so I guess he'll be out there working on that before he goes to work tomorrow. We just got this mower brand new at the end of the summer last year.

    I sure wouldn't want to try to incubate in the hovabator 1588 incubator all the time. I love it for hatching, but it's so hard to get the humidity where I want it for incubating, not like the Brinsea at all, it's really easy to control the humidity in it. Let's hope that cabinet incubator doesn't take as much time as they say it could to process my order.
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    Hawk: Thanks for the link & photos. I made a few modifications to the nest boxes to try & address my leak problem. Found 2 sources of leaks & have "fixed" both of them (I hope). I need to take/post some pics of my solution. I've been waiting for the boxes to dry out well before giving it another test. Nice weather has helped that over the past week. Since it looks like rain isn't in the forecast for another week I may have to get the sprinkler out to create some rain myself to see if what I did actually worked.
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    You are officially crazier than I am. My hat is off to you!
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    The class has been full, but we finally set it up for May 3rd.. couple weeks, not too bad. They told him to bring the "cook of the house", which is me, so I'll be attending as well. I'm glad I'm going so I can be aware of what to do in case it starts going the other way while they are adjusting the meds and it drops too low. He was doing so good with the pills and diet, we've already eliminated all sugars and watch the carbs, but lately (and girls.. you can close your ears to his cuz it ticks me off as well) but he has been losing weight like crazy and needs to gain 40lbs. They said it was a symptom of the diabetes. Who knew. I never knew that Type 2 could affect anyone, especially someone like him that religiously works out every day and weighs only 155lbs. (yes.. he does have to gain weight - kinda wish that were MY problem. LOL) We'll get it figured out. It's interesting at how something like this doesn't just affect the single person with the disease, but instead affects the whole household. I did loose some weight just by having to switch to diet pop. I didn't want to tempt him with the regular in the house. Now, i don't even drink pop hardly at all. I think it was the sugar that my body had craved before. I get my morning coffee caffeine and I'm good for the day. I've been drinking those Mio shots with water - and I love them!! If you haven't tried them, they are great. One of those little things has lasted me 2 weeks and that's filling my big hospital mug twice a day!
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    Oct 12, 2011

    Ivy, I had forgot all about the KSU pullets.Sure don't want to run ahead of Verna if she wants them.

    Just give me a shout on the cages and I'll be glad to help move things around for you.

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