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    Aug 25, 2010
    Olathe, KS
    My Coop
    I either need to expand the coop where the handles are or rebuild this coop using the Catawba design. If I stick with my coop there are a few things I would change to make it less apt to leak where the doors are.
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Hey guys! When I didn't post 10 times today I bet you all thought I met with another chicken mishap. Weeelllll, nope! I'm fit as a fiddle, just really busy with the kids, chickens, bunnies, ducks, garden and dog bathing! Whew!

    But here's a funny thing -- my DH dug out and cleaned up some old safety glasses for me and seriously wants me to wear them when visiting the chicks. Gotta love that guy, but for real, I'm not wearing the goggles! [​IMG]Does he not think I'm already ridiculous enough? [​IMG] I just can't imagine sitting there chatting with the birds with safety goggles on, it just cracks me up. Isn't chatting with the birds bad enough????? Wait, maybe if the lenses were shaped like eggs I would consider it.[​IMG] If a lense gets cracked, it will look like it's pipping, or like one of Hawkeye's eggs. [​IMG] I'll have to break it to DH gently that I just don't think the chicks will be able to confide in me whilst I'm looking like some bug-eyed fool!

    Hawkeye, I really am sorry about your cracked egg but you sure make me laugh. It's just so like something I would do. I hope that egg makes it.

    Ivy, OMGosh! Your poor husband and his quail babies! [​IMG] The poor man and so considerate of him not to wake you begging for help!

    Ho boy, shotah [​IMG]how will we ever decide? They are all so fitting!

    Trish44, X2 to Danz' info -- take out a vent plug to bring down the humidity. You will so want the automatic waterer because it keeps the water level at a certain depth and you just have to decide sponge/no sponge, vent plugs in or out. I LOVE my GQF cabinet. I understand how you feel about the hatcher tray. I used it, even though I wasn't impressed, and it cleaned up just fine which surprised the life out of me. If you find a suitable substitute, I would love to hear about it. The chicks didn't have any trouble on it traction-wise, either. Go figure.

    I'm really sorry about your speckled sussex. They are a real trick, but I just love their personalities. Mine are doing well right now, knock on wood. The thing is I'm using 64 solution in their water which is probiotics, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and vet rx.

    Pikeman, hang in there. Before you know it you'll be back on your feet.

    Take care, everybody! Thanks for the laughs!
  3. chicken danz

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    May 20, 2010
    Love the names and forgot to mention them
    How about:
    As the Egg Turns
    or ..... the list could go on.
  4. rvroman

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Here are the pictures of the coop progress, I may have been a little early in the my chickens will be out of my basement celebration, but hopefully only by a day!!!
    This is the view from my back door!

    This is going to be the back side with a door that opens for cleaning.

    This is a side view, there will be another door that opens to the nest boxes(internal) on the garden side.

    This is there run, I ran out of poultry netting so I will be getting the smallest amount possible for the last 4 feet. I am also going to put up 3ft high bottom layer around the coop of the stronger stuff, hardware cloth maybe? The bottom of the run also has poultry netting, to keep out any diggers.
  5. rvroman

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Here are pictures of my new babies I got from Trish44!!! Sorry the pictures arent that great, our camera is a real piece [​IMG]

    [​IMG]This is Scarlett
    [​IMG]This is Midge
    [​IMG]and here is Scarlett and Midge hanging out trying to figure out what I am holding that keeps flashing bright lights at them!
  6. Hawkeye95

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    Shanna-- hilarious names!! I love them ALL. [​IMG]

    Pikeman, I think unfortunately, you'll have to re-do what you have. That or just figure out a way to extend out to your handles. I hope you used screws instead of nails! Anyway, I would extend out on both sides. If it were me, I'd also make it a bit taller-- maybe use the cheap $5 particle board and get two of them to make your A frame. Then it would be 3 feet high and 8 feet long. Then make your cut outs and hinges off of that. You can paint that, or I'd use the T1-11 sheet to put over it. Or you can just frame it and put the T1-11 right over your frame and save some $$. I think it's a neat set up, though! :)

    rvRoman, really cute! That is a GREAT start on your coop and I can tell it's going to look great! Do you have windows or vents planned on those sides? You will need a lot of airflow in the summer. And it would be best if you have 3 sides at the least that open up. On the run side, I didn't put in a window, I simply cut out a "door" that I now prop open to create a better breeze with the other two windows open.

    I'm exhausted. I did a bit of work outside on the coop and then worked on a lot of yard chores, too. My back hurts and I'm ready to collapse. I'll post what I have on the coop now. It's not much further along. I'm disappointed I didn't get much more done, but it's getting closer. Sigh. I do need to get a few more 2X4's... I'm short and I can't finish the roof inner trusses without them.
  7. Hawkeye95

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    ADORABLE little chickies!!! I'm sure it will be sooo exciting to get them outside and see them grow up out there. :)
  8. Hawkeye95

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    Okay, here is my brother's coop. I want to keep it now. LOL! I think it's turning out so adorable just like I planned. I wanted it to look like a little doll house. Ah well. I know he will be thrilled.

  9. rvroman

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    Mar 14, 2012
    I can't wait to get them introduced properly to the "big girls" only 6 weeksish older.

    We have windows on all sides for the summers! I was thinking about insulating for winter but I don't know.
  10. Hawkeye95

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    I have a chick starting to pip!! It's got a little bit of a crack going on!! I can clearly see it thru my Brinsea window!!! I hope it'll be okay. My humidity says 61%... that should be right??? I actually think it's off by a few degrees too-- like I bet it's a bit higher than that. I'm not getting excited yet until it is really working it's way out. *drumming my fingers..*

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