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  1. Hawkeye95

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    I can hear it cheeping... but the pip isn't really a pip, just a crack.
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    rvroman, your coop looks great so far, can't wait to see it all finished. Those are cute pics of the chickies, they look like they're doing great.

    Hawkeye, that coop is adorable, I would want to keep it too! Can I just hire you to build mine for me? Gosh you missed your calling! I hope your chick hatches OK. I've been walking by my bator all day long listening to this one chick peeping to all get out & not even pipping as of yet. I wish it would hurry up & get with the program!

    KarenS, I can just picture you with the safety goggles on sitting there talking to your chicks & them staring up at you like some big monster, what an image, lol! Yeah, I know I will want the reserve water thing later on & the clear door, but I just had to go with getting the incubator first. That was a miracle in itself, let me tell you. I'm so thrilled to have it & I got a load of eggs put in it today. Now if I can have as good of a hatch rate from that as I have been getting in my Brinsea I will be double thrilled. I was almost a little sad today when I emptied the Brinsea out & unplugged it. I had gotten so used to seeing eggs in it all the time.

    I went out & checked on all of my little fuzzy butts in the brooder tonight & they seemed to be doing fine. I hope I find them all that way in the morning too.

    It's kind of odd tonight knowing my DH won't be home later on like usual. He's been texting me all evening, so I think he misses me. He said the hotel is packed with people & all the hotels are full because of some basketball playoff with Dallas. I'm sure glad we got his reservation early.
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    Aug 25, 2010
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    My Coop

    I might have asked you this in a previous post, but how many birds will this hold?
  4. Deerfield Acres

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    rvroman, loved the pics! Nice set up and the chicks are looking great!

    Hawkeye, That is a really nice coop!
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    Jun 27, 2010
    McPherson, KS
    RVRoman, your new birds are gorgeous. Isn't it funny listening to a roo learning to crow? My neighbor recently told me, after learning we'd had to get rid of our 2 roos, that he thought the crow was the best part of having chickens in the neighborhood. Your garden and coop areas are wonderful.

    Ivy, escapees are so funny. My youngsters have gotten out, I think three different birds at different times, and all they do once they achieve freedom is run up and down the fence line trying to get back in.

    Trish, I'm sorry about your pullet. It's nice that your DH misses you and texts you. I think mine could go a few days before thinking to contact me!

    Shotah, too funny! I don't know which one I like best.

    Hawkeye, I know you're upset about your egg and I'm sorry. I hope it survives. Still, you made me laugh with the Incubator of Death. Your brother's coop is looking great; I'd want to keep it, too.

    We ended up mowing three places today in case it actually does rain. Otherwise, because of DH's schedule, we wouldn't be able to mow them until Tuesday. Two of the yards are partially dirt anyway because they lost so much grass last summer. Karen, I need those goggles if you aren't going to use them. The last two times we've mowed those places I've gotten so much crud in my eyes that they itch and hurt and water for a day afterward.

    DH is tired of having to put the youngsters in the kennel every night, so he put the kennel up higher and added a rebar pole to the stick he already had in there, hoping they'll think it's high enough and decide to roost inside. Of course all they want to do is get on top and see if they can fly out, so he added a sloped kennel top at an angle. He thinks they can't hang on to it and just slide off. I'm not convinced. Three of them got in right away while Rose didn't seem to know what to do so she just ran in circles underneath and squawked. A couple of the others jumped in and out several times and we decided they were showing her how to do it. It must have worked because she finally jumped up and found her way inside. DH ran in quickly and shut the door.
  6. sapphireblu76

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Well, we lost the first chick :( It's legs were just to deformed to fix and it died this afternoon. I had tried to fix its legs using bandaids, but they were just too turned in and down. I should have taken pictures, but I had other things on my mind. Nature knows what's best. It was out of one of the 10 eggs that I thought would be hopeless; that I rescued after we tore down the old coop and moved the chickens.

    On a good note, we have another egg pipping. This one is one of the 4 fresh from the hens that I put in 2 days after my 10 "hopeless" ones. Maybe this one will fair better.

    Glad to hear of everyone else's good news and hear about progress and see pictures :) Hopefully I will have good news to add soon.
  7. Hawkeye95

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    I kept getting up all night long to see if that crack turned into a pip and it never did. So we'll see. :( I'm going to throw a sponge in next to it here in a bit.

    I do believe this should hold right around 5 birds... probably 6 if they had a great run they could get into all the time. So far it has cost me $89. I do think I'm going to put another $30 into it before I'm done.

    Thank you! Yours is awfully nice, too. :)

    Yeah, I'm still upset about the cracked egg, but I guess I'm getting over it. Just sad. Yeah, I finally have the kinks worked out of my incubator. At least it is developing eggs. I don't know if I have the humidity right for hatching at this moment... But we'll see what happens. Glad you got your chickens to go in on their own, that sure does help! I was getting pretty sick of crawling under my coop and dragging birds out from under it to put them inside!

    So sorry about losing your chick. Probably for the best though, since you'd have figured up ways to accomodate a bird with special needs. Good luck on your chick hatching! Mine made a crack, but hasn't pipped. It's making me nervous!!
  8. Ivywoods

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    Sapphire-Sorry you lost the chick. I just hate loosing them. I've got one right now that I'm sure at this point is not going to make it. It's the sticky chick I have a bath to. I got it all cleaned up, but the poor thing is so stiff it can't uncurl it's feet or it's neck. It hasn't been able to get it's feet under it at all. It's just sad. The other "sticky chick" is up and doing well. It's still got a little bit of shell and membrane stuck to it's back, but I'm going to get that off before I put it in the brooder with the rest of them so he doesn't get picked on. Right now he is all by himself, and I know they don't like that.

    Cherwill-You really might want to consider getting some goggles to protect your eyes. I've never mowed commercially, but mowing on several large farms where some of it is "dry dirt" with a little grass, I know exactly what you are talking about, and my eyes will do the same thing. If I wear goggles I don't have near the problems with runny, itchy eyes, stuffy nose and headaches.

    DH and I went to an auction yesterday and picked up a couple things. We've got a short trip back today to pick things up because they wouldn't fit in the back of the jeep. After that, I'm STAYING HOME for a change and work on my pens and then it's going to be time to focus on cleaning house which has been sorely neglected for a while,.

    No more new projects for a while!

    I'ts probably a good thing the "project" I bid on yesterday went to high.[​IMG]
  9. chicken danz

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    May 20, 2010
    Hawkeye your humidity should be fine for hatching. I like to hatch anywhere between 60-70% on chickens.
    Good luck! Just let it happen! The coop is looking really cute! I bought some of those pickets to enclose my front porch underneath so the chickens would quit laying under there. Still not a finished project yet!
    RVRoman, you DH is really a fast builder. That's amazing progress. It looks like he is doing an excellent job too. It is raining here today so I'm wondering if you'll have to wait some more to get it done.
    I am wishing the guy had come to get the chickens yesterday now instead of coming today. I really don't want to run around in the rain catching the older birds
    I hate feeding the birds in the rain. Sure hope it stops after while. I should spend my afternoon cleaning house. It is a mess. I had it fairly clean last week because of the funeral and company but haven't done much all week. I've been a bit in a daze. I've been doing better working outside than in cause my mind stays more occupied.
    I got some more lumber cut to make my pens in the chicken trailer late yesterday. I wanted to lay them on the floor and then stand the completed frame work up but there isn't room to construct them in the bigger room. There is a frame work in the middle of the room supporting the roof where some construction equipment had crashed down on it back when it was used on a job site. It's just in the wrong place so it keeps me from laying the frame work down to build. I'm going to have to try to figure out a different method of doing this. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more time to work on it.
  10. Hawkeye95

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    Okay, thanks! I did run some hot water and soak a paper towel, wadded it up and sat it next to the egg. I just didn't think the humidity was high enough. Now it looks to be about right! I'm still waiting!! But I'm headed to church in a bit, so I sure hope when we get back we'll see some progress!!

    Oh, what a great idea to use the pickets on the front of your porch! I bet that would be really pretty! I think building with them has been so fun! They are easy to cut, and using the dog ears to create the "scalloped" look has been a lot of fun. I'm not loving the rain today, either. I was going to make a big push to try to finish the coop. I got enough done yesterday (the front and side) and i have the back doors all done and ready, anyway.. well, the rain. But on the other hand, we DO need this rain! I don't have to water my trees or bushes, which is nice! :)

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