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8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
Chehalis WA.
Im working on my incubator. From 0° the tray will tilt to 40-45°. Would I have any issues if I build a small gear box that would take an hour for it to reach the 45° mark. So from 0 - 45 - 0 - 45 and back to 0 would take 4bours. So from set to lockdown it would constantly be moving very slow. Thanks for your input.
going from 0 to 45 would count as one turn - so it looks like you'd be doing 24 turns a day.... that's too many. I like how it takes an hour for the cycle - its a nice gentle turn, just too many of them, IMHO. What about setting your motor to a timer - have it go off anywhere between 3 and 6 times per day for one turn's duration.

I'd love to see pictures as to how you made it!
I don't think it's too many turns. Three turns a day is the minimum amount that's okay, but more is better. The Brinsea autoturners work exactly the way you have described how you want yours to work. They tip from 0-45-0-45-0 roughly every hour and they are always in motion. I also have another bator, a Lincu make with auto roller rails, and they turn the eggs once every hour, but a quick turn and then no more movement till another hour has gone by. Both of these bators have given me very good hatches. I think the turner you describe would be great.

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