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Apr 24, 2014
Also, she's all of a sudden by herself now, I read that chickens don't do well in solitary situations, so getting her with chicks her own age is important? And soon?

Thanks for any info
At this moment others chicks would peck at her wound but, maybe if you got a couple and kept them in a separate cage within sight they would get to know each other and she would be safe. Blue kote available at the feed and probably pet stores, helps prevent pecking as it covers red or bloody wounds.

Lonely chicks are comforted by a stuffed animal to cuddle with and even a small mirror. They think they have another chicken with them. Someone is usually on this thread through the early morning hours, so if you need to post again - hopefully they will see it. Good luck to you and little chickie.

Welcome to BYC!

I am not sure where you continued this from, so I don't know the entire story!

So Drumstick Diva X2. Good luck with your flock and any babies you may have. Welcome to our flock!
So I went to check on the chicks and our older chick is acting kind of funny, when I went i. And looked in on them she had scratched all the bedding in an area down the bare wood, was laying between perch stick that she had knocked off thier base and the base, at first she looked like she was trying to roll over and she would kick at the perch base and rub her head on the stick. She did this a few times, the young chicks were crawling all over her it was really cute. But after a couple minutes I started to think she just couldn't get up, went to help her and she stood up, but the. It appeared she would flop to her side, it was quite weird to see that, she did that one more time and started to close her eyes, which was new, and then I just picked her up to look at her feet, nothing out of place and I placed her back in and removed all the perches and base and she walked around just fine and then bedded down with the babies. ???? Any ideas???

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