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This contest has ended - BellLisamo had a super close guess!

As you can see in the BYC History, 5/6/08 was a very big day in BYC's history. It was on this day that we hit 10,000 members and started offering image hosting for our members! To put things into perspective, in less than 1 year we've way more than doubled the number of members of our wonderful community!

To celebrate this date we thought we'd have a contest similar to the last BYC Member Contest , but with a twist! Now you'll guess how many members we'll have on the 1 year anniversary of the date.

Become the closest to guess how many members will have on 5/6/2009 (at 12:00 AM EST) and win a 1 year Golden Feather Membership for you or a friend!

We'll be accepting guesses until the end of the day on 4/15/09.

Go ahead and post your guesses now. Keep in mind you can edit your guess as many times as you want until the date above as long as the guess is not already taken / posted by another member!


• Click here to see the current guesses:
The closest guess to the actual number (either before or after) wins.
• You can only enter the contest with ONE GUESS ENTRY!
• If you want to lock in a specific number, post it before anybody else.
• You can change your guess to a different number (IF IT IS NOT TAKEN) but if you choose another number you allow someone else to take your previous guess.

So simply reply to this thread with your guess in this format, kinda like this:

On 5/06/09 BYC will have 26,300 members!

Make SURE your guess is not already taken before you post it. If the number is taken, your guess will not count!

Good luck!!!


UPDATE: New contest here:

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