Continued Soft Eggs from a Silkie

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    I've had two Partridge Silkies for about 5 months now. They're roughly a year or so old, and about 1.5-2yrs. One of them had started laying an occasionally soft egg. I've added crushed oyster shell, and they have Purina layer pellets. They also get dried mealworms, and sometimes a little scratch. I have also been giving them Bragg's ACV, and periodically Layer boost vitamin powder in their water. I don't believe that they're under much (if any) stress, and their daily routine is pretty steady. I don't see any signs of illness, or unusual behavior. She looks healthy, and eats, drinks, and forages well and is sociable so my other three chickens. She hasn't laid a soft egg in several days, but did this afternoon. What else could be causing the continued soft eggs? Please, limit your responses to the issue at hand. :)
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    Try giving them calcium orally and see if that helps. The dose I use is 100mg/kg once or twice a day (0.2ml per pound). You'll find calcium gluconate at Tractor Supply in the cattle section. Refrigerate after opening. You might also want to worm them with Safeguard or Valbazen.

    Safeguard dose - 0.23ml per pound orally for five days
    Valbazen dose - 0.08ml per pound orally and repeat in ten days.


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