Continuous diarrhea in 2.5 year old Hen

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    I'm new to posting in the forum but have lurked here for quite some time and finally have something I can't find a good answer to. My oldest hen, Furry, has had squirting diarrhea for quite some time (somewhere around a month). We had her separated for a time from the rest of the crew, her diarrhea subsided to a degree but she never formed normal poo. We wormed everyone, treated her for some foot scale mites, made sure she was vermin free, gave her (and the others) yogurt. I'm waiting on a shipment of...hmmmm...that potassium stuff that turns your fingers brown, but wanted to know if anyone has experience with this. Her diarrhea is like the normal poo, just liquid - no blood, no white, just liquidy - and it shoots out of her...nice imagery, I know, sorry 'bout that [​IMG]

    She eats and drinks a bunch (I'm sure to offset the loss in her diarrhea) but is finally starting to look dull in the eyes. She still goes around the yard and if you didn't know she was sick you probably wouldn't be able to guess she was.

    Any ideas on this one?

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    Foot scale mites are hard to get rid of, take a long time. Some lice and mites are only visible with a light at night. And any mites need a treatment of the environment as well. Unless you used a good chemical wormer, there are probably still worms present. If you used ivomectin for worms, this should have killed mites/lice, but will not kill tapeworms.
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    Yes, the foot scale mites were a messy business with all the dipping in oil but they have seemingly cleared up with new scales coming in nicely. I'll try further worming....carefully.
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    You can also research chicken diseases right above where you post reply at top right. Hope you can find out the cause. Try to get her to eat plain yogurt should help with the diarrhea. also baby vits. w/o iron and poultry drench in her water might help. After a worming they all need some yogurt for a few days to built back good gut flora.

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