Contractor/fence issue - what would you do?


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Like I really have a choice at this point, but please make me feel better

THREE weeks ago I had a guy come over and give me an estimate for a privacy fence. I sold them some peeps and found out he has a fence business so it worked for me. He told me he could start at the end of the week, maybe beginning of next, weather permitting. Well, I've heard that for three weeks now and I have to keep calling HIM (we HAVE had alot of rain). DBF is not a patient person and is rather upset with me. He wanted the number so he could call but I wouldn't give it to him. Instead, I called last night and got voicemail. Left a message like this: "Dude...where's my fence??? DBF is saying I got a raw deal and I should get my money back but I just really want my fence." He called back at 6:30am and left me a VM saying he got the permit and just waiting on the city's ok.

So...I called the city this morning and they told me that he just applied for the permit THIS MORNING. Now, city hall doesn't open until 8am...I'm not totally stupid...

Well, maybe just a little stupid. DBF thinks I gave him a down payment but I paid him on the spot for 95% of it...I'm having a tough time with this because they are really good people and live about 5 miles down the road from me AND they have chickens. So they can't be all bad, right? Maybe just a little unorganized?

I just want my fence!!!! How stupid am I...let me have it...

And if they are BYC members and reading this, SORRY!!! I just really want my fence!!!
haha awh!!! well that they DID put a permit request thing into the place it needed to go (witha white lie to boot) I think they're just unorganized. I really do
I hope you get that fence up soon and get rid of prying eyes!
Too bad you gave so much down. I'm sure you'll get your fence but once you give them all the money you go to the back of the line. They'll want to finish jobs that have money owing so they can collect money. I worked at a body shop and anyone that gave us their check in advance got worked on last. Boss always needed money to make payday so he would push those cars out to get more money. Most contractors are regular joes. Not real good at money management.
Yeah, I'm a big sucker but I also see his side - just a little guy and need the money to buy the supplies...but if you're running a business, should be able to front the money. OMG what have I done...
I just so want it up before the neighbor has his July 4th party! I am soooo tired of prying eyes.
Actually their parties are REALLY boring. We have more fun over here LOL. It's just the gawking at my birds that I can't stand.

I just hope this isn't a sign of how the work will be. That's what I'm afraid of. He's taking out my chain link fence and putting up the 6 ft wood one. Just hope it will hold up.

I always tend to see the good in people so like the optimist I am, I'm hoping for the best. Just hoping that this doesn't give DBF a reason to say "I told you so". I so hate when he's right.
I hope you do get that wish!!! Firecrackers and them just doesn't sound good.

Ever tried throwing firecrackers in with the chickens? They think they're grasshoppers.

Just kidding.

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