Converting a dog kennel to a coop


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I have a 6'X10' dog kennel that I'd like to convert to a coop. I'd like to house 4-5 hens. I'm planning on removing the fencing which is not fine enough for chickens and replacing it with chicken wire. With the exception of hawks and stray cats, there aren't too many predators. I would like to attach the coop to the fencing supports so the coop can be mobile. Somehow I've got to affix wheels to the kennel (run) so I can move it periodically around my yard. If anyone has seen plans for converting a kennel I'd sure like to see them! Thanks for having me on BYC!! P.S. I am in Williamstown, NJ.
We just converted a ASPCA 4x8 dog kennel into a chicken run. We covered the outside with hardware cloth, which we secured with zip ties. We had planned on putting our coop ( a converted cedar dog house) inside the kennel/run but we were unable to do that because of a lack of space. There are many things that you can do. We used hardware cloth to secure the coop to the outside of the run & cut a hole in the kennel with huge wire cutters for the chickens to enter. They went outside last night for the first time & are loving it.
Don't remove the chain link. Keep that good strong material and add hardware cloth to the bottom 2 feet. If you want smaller openings all over add chicken wire the rest of the way up to serve your needs. Replacing strong with flimsy--not a great idea.
Definately keep the chain link!!! Just add some chicken wire or hardware cloth to it so they can't get out. You may think you don't have predators, but they'll show up soon enough.

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