converting armoire to coop- need your thoughts, experience


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Aug 27, 2012
hey everyone- newbie here. I've been reading/learning here for months, but this is my first post!
bit of background first- we have four chicks (two are 3.5 weeks old and two are 1.5 weeks old... we started with three chicks and one died on the third day... decided to get two more chicks since adding two little buddies seemed better than one lone new babe) We have one Barred Rock, one Australorp and two Easter Eggers.

I bought a coop kit off of ebay, and once it arrived it was clear it would be snug for three chickens- not at all suitable for four.

So we've decided to convert an old pine armoire.

here are a couple pics-

the inside "floor" measures 3ft x 3.5ft which gives them 10.5 sq feet on one level- but I want to use both levels to get the interior square footage up (we live in MN so we get both crazy cold and crazy hot... want to make sure they have enough inside room to keep out of the elements when necessary.) Thinking I will take out the shelf in the lower area and use that as sort of a "first floor" and have the upper be the "second floor"

my initial questions are...

should I have a ramp from the "second floor" down to the "first floor"? they can use both levels without going outside at all? Or should I just have exterior chicken doors on each? (keep them as separate spaces)

will they get breezes between the folding doors? (we are purchasing this from craigslist, so I don't have it on hand yet...can't tell how snug the doors close...) anything I can do about it if it is breezy through there?

any other ideas/thoughts you experienced chicken owners/coop builders can share?

thanks all!!
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Jul 21, 2011
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I see many innovative ideas on BYC that people come up with. I think this would make a very hansom coop. In most cases I think they are finished through trial and error method. Mainly what works for you.


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Mar 9, 2013
I would definitely give access from one floor to the other from the inside. I'm in Texas, so I'm not familiar with your winters up there, but if you get even half the wind that we do, those bi-fold doors are gonna rattle like crazy, which will cause them to be less secure. You may want to plan for a more solid wall/door option for that side in the future.


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If it is to be used basically 'as is' I think the top floor will be cramped for four chickens when closed up as it would not give them much space to turn/move around in.


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Mar 9, 2013
It looks smaller in the pictures than the dimensions listed. Are you certain the 3x3.5 measurement is the interior and not the exterior? For sure measure it yourself before you buy it. Maybe you can attach the coop you got off ebay to it to give them more room?


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May 1, 2009
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Did you ever end up making a coop out of this? I am thinking of picking one up from a thrift store and using it for pairs and trios of bantam cochins. If I can find one for $20 or less, it is certainly worth the wood and time I'd spend piecing something else together at Menards. Plus I'd enjoy the look of it. :)

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