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  1. ufgrad98

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    May 8, 2011
    My coop has two interior nesting boxes. I'm having a lot of trouble opening the egg door (shavings are getting caught between the door and the boxes and i can't close the door back up properly and due to all the rain, i think the wood is expanding and i can't open the door properly either). I was thinking about converting these boxes to exterior nest boxes. As anybody ever done that?? here's a picture of my egg door (its the white door under the window). Can it be done and how hard is it to do??


  2. fireguy56

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Slidell, Louisiana
    Hi, I'd try taking the door off...trim it Maybe add some adhesive backed weather striping around the inside to keep drafts out. Just a thought. Good luck.
  3. ufgrad98

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    May 8, 2011
    But when I open the egg box door, all the shavings fall out and get stuck in the space between the nest box and the door. Then the door won't close right until I remove all the shavings blocking it. Can anyone think of a way to keep all the shavings in the box?? My husband put a little piece of wood there thinking that it would act as a barrier, but the chickens just kick the shavings over the little wall. And if he builds it any higher, I won't be able to stick my hand in there to get the eggs. Any ideas??
  4. quietlyscheming

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    Sep 12, 2011
    Crosby, TX
    I see no reason why an external nesting box with a hinged roof wouldn't fix your problem.

    If your looking for a easier solution I would take the door off, like fireguy56 suggested, trim it and reinstall. To keep the bedding from jamming the door I'd just staple a cheap piece of fabric across the back of the boxes. It won't look great but it should do the trick. Since it's just fabric and not a board, it'll be easy to get your hands around.

  5. MHF

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    Aug 28, 2008
    Durham, NC
    You already have a door to the outside. Take the door and trim off, remove the nest boxes from the inside and build a box on the outside that will fit your nest boxes and reuse your door.
  6. gale65

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    We use plastic bins in the nest boxes that slide out and they contain all the shavings. Is there a way you can use bins?
  7. momof5sons

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Quote:Plastic bins in the nest boxes! I am new at this and this is a great idea!! Where did you get your plactic bins?

  8. suzyQlou

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Dillsburg, PA
    My Coop
    If you decide to take the door off and shave it down, you might try hinging it from the top instead of the bottom. You might add a little chain (like you have on the window) to keep the door open when you're fetching the eggs. I'd keep the little wood "wall" you have (I have those, too) because there would still be some shavings escaping. I would think the shavings would be a little less of a problem, though, if they aren't getting stuck in the hinged side of the door.
  9. Pineywoods Peepers

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    Can you flip the door so it swings up instead of down and the hinges are on top instead of bottom? That wouldn't solve the shavings kicking problem, but when the door was opened the shavings would fall out (or at least be easier to sweep out onto the ground) instead of getting stuck in the hinged bottom.

  10. petejd

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    Sep 25, 2011
    Bluffton, SC.
    I just did this last weekend. You just need something to nail the boxes to. I built the boxes in my garage and nailed them to exterior over the existing hole and put a hinged top on it. Really simple.

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