Cook Books for sale or Trade!

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    The Small Dogs Doggy Bone Cookbook (hardback), missing the dog-bone-shaped cookie cutter $3

    You Bake Em Dog Biscuits $10 paperback

    Cooking up Good Things $10

    Family Circle Quick & Easy Recipes 300 Recipes from Reader's Digest $7

    I.C. Cookbook for You & Me $10

    The books below are all the same "series" of books. About 50 pages or so with color pics $4 each

    Mexican Fiesta 33 recipes (paperback)

    Mexican Salsa & Appetizers (paperback)

    Italian Favorites (paperback)

    Grandma's Cookie Jar (paperback)

    Holiday Food Fun (paperback)

    Holiday Party Food (paperback)

    Holiday Desserts (paperback)

    Favorite Chili Recipes (hardback)

    Soups & Stews (hardback)

    I'll trade or add money for chicken themed decor items, goose hatching eggs (certain breeds, yes I'm picky), rare chicken hatching eggs and working incubators.

    I'm also looking for a turbo fan kit for a hova bator.


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