Cookie Tin water heater

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    Quote:Ether rip a tail light housing out of any car or go to the part store an ask for a 1156 or 1157 an a matching socket for it. I would advise 1156 because it is only 2 wire an cant be wired wrong, the 1157 is 3 wire.
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    I don't think the 12 volt will through enough heat from the bulb, but if it does, the battery wont last long.

    Cookie tins are the way to go, they work and if you put them together right and use them inside your coop they should not give you any problems. Also with the switch socket you can just turn them off on warm days, or just pull the plug if you use a none switch socket.

    I use a drill and push lightly but firmly to drill the holes for the socket and cord, then i take a file and file the edges nice and smooth in and around the holes..I also wrap a little electrical tape around the cord where it goes into the tin so the hole's edge does not rub through the cord after years of use.

    The bulbs are 25 to 40 watt Candelabra bulbs and the socket is the same size as any light fix you have in the house, we use bulbs that fit into our chandelier type light over the dinning table.

    One switch light socket, cost $4.25 at true value hardware
    1 cookie tin about 2 bucks or less
    1 8ft light duty extension cord 1.99 on sale at true value
    1 40 watt bulb about buck or two

    so about $10.00 to make one that works.. [​IMG]

    thats a deal and you can build 4-5 of them for the price of one that a feed store sells

    Im sure if you do alot of yard sale hunting you can even build for less...

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    I made a incubator using a 12v 1156 bulb and a pc fan. It got plenty warm enough to make a thermostat necessary. I got about 24 hours out of a cheep car battery but opted to run it on a old radio power cord.

    I bet you could get enough heat from a flashlight bulb wired to a battery an placed in the water to keep it from freezing at least in my latitude.

    12v DC or 110v AC? What ever your comfortable with I guess.

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    Yup you could try the 12 v and see, it doesn't hurt to try, the cookie tins have worked for could always hook the battery up to a small solar panel to keep a charge in the battery as well.

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    Feb 8, 2007
    I saw this idea years ago on the other BYC from some one else and my DH decided to make them as well. Over the years he has made them better, but we got a bunch of cookie tins at Arc stores or Good Will and some after Christmas at Walmart for $1.00 each.

    I have used up to a 40watt light bulb in mine and have them plugged into a thermocube so that they only kick on below 35°F
    They have been a godsend, no more frozen waterers. I did buy two real store boiught ones though for my 3 gallon rubber buckets though.
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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Great idea. Thanks for posting.
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    Yup i posted them on the other byc as well, a few years ago,..

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    Jul 31, 2007
    I just made 6 of these last night!! Total:$50 [​IMG] awesome idea
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    Jul 15, 2008
    I only have an extension cord running to my coop. It is not hard wired with a GFI. Can I just plug this into the powerstrip I have out there without a GFI?
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    Dec 19, 2008
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    What happens with the cord? does it run on the floor under the bedding? can the chickens peck through it?

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