Cooking and newly hatched chicks


9 Years
Apr 9, 2014
So i have searched a lot and i guess im not using the right key words to find the info im looking for.

Here is what i need input on

I know its not safe to cook with teflon pans when you have chicks nearby.
My question is can you use ceramic pans like the greenware stuff at the walmart or is that not safe either ? I have some lavender buffs and some VERY EXPENSIVE frost white leg bar chicks that are in a brooder close to the kitchen and im terrified about cooking. we actually used a 5 gallon stainless steel pot to cook dinner in last night because we dont know if its safe to use the ceramic pots and pans.
Does anyone have any input or experience in this area ?
Thanks in advance
Agree. Our chicks and sick or broody (grr) chickens are always in the kitchen and I use our ceramic pans while they are there. No problem. If I need high heat I use a stainless steel frying pan. Plus I always turn on the exhaust. So far so good!
The reason i asked this question is because i read somewhere yesterday that ANY non stick compund is most likely deadly to birds. So im worried about using the greenware ceramic coated stuff. Its only $79 for a set of those pans at walmart so im assuming that they may not be safe. I think it may be the PTFE and PTOF. Im pretty sure thats what i read. Scared to death to cook around them. They are in a 50 gal tote with a sweeter heater only about 3 feet away from the electric glass cooktop stove.
Ours are usually a few more feet away in the sunroom (though it really is all just one big open area, Kitchen, sunroom, dining), maybe 15 feet from the stove. The truth is any fumes and smoke will be worse for them than for you. It is easier if you can, to set them up somewhere else. For us, the only space big enough is the sunroom, and with the precautions of not using the teflon pan, keeping heat on low for the ceramic pans and using unlined cookware whenever feasibly, and turning on the exhaust if there's any smoke or high heat frying, two batches of chicks over two springs and at least 4 chickens in isolation for various reasons have done just fine in the kitchen area. The first batch of chicks was in here for a full three months even (don't ask... ).
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thanks, i think i will move them to the florida room about 15 feet away.

here they are. there are 2- buckeye pullets, 2- plymouth white rock pullets, 2- lavender orpington, 2 - frost white leg bars and 1 barred rock that is the chick that meyers threw in so we can donate its eggs to a local shelter.
chicks 6-1-17.jpg
Besides Teflon, keep the air fresheners out and be careful using cleaners etc. with artificial scents, dyer sheets, scented candles etc. They kill parrots so am assuming the same with chickens. I have a 16 yo Quaker parrot who lives in my kitchen. The only Teflon I have is an electric pancake/waffle griddle that I use only when the grandkids are here and it's never high heat. All my pans are metal or cast iron nothing else that is non-stick. Teflon is not good for people either. The ceramic should be fine. I never do the self clean on the oven without rolling his cage away from the kitchen and opening the windows.

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