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6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
Texas-Just a little bit South of Weird
I'm in central Texas and as we are about to head into summer, I was wondering how fellow Southerners keep their flock cool. I have 3 Speckled Sussex and 3 Cuckoo Marans 7 weeks old. To cool off my horses, I hose them down a couple times a day. Somehow I don't think the chickens would appreciate that though
. Their coop is in the shade, there are lots of shrubs and trees around and they'll be free ranging for part of the day. I found all sorts of info on cold-tolerant birds, but not much for the heat.
Plenty of shade, plenty of water, ventilation. They don't need fans, but a place to keep cool. When it is quite hot here, they hang out under the deep shade of the plants or trees. Some folks report using misting water to create a cool environment, but I have not been swayed.

Thanks. They have a 4 gallon nipple water system and I will be adding ice to it through the summer. Was thinking of putting a ground birdbath out - one of the Sussex likes to stand in a bowl of water. Figured it couldn't hurt to give them that option.They have lots of ventilation and the coop is in the shade of a big oak tree. Just wondered if there was something I was overlooking for those awful 100+ degree days coming.

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