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    Aug 16, 2010
    Hi everyone. We are pretty new to this whole chicken thing. Our birds just started laying in January. I noticed a racoon sleeping in one of our trees today. Just above the pasture where the chickens were free ranging. My dh said to get the birds in the run and shut them up, which I did. But I am wondering, what now? We don't have a gun. We have a bb gun but that won't kill it. We do have a dog, a husky. She is pretty good at scaring away predators, at least she has been so far (she scared away a coyote a month ago or so). We could just put her out in the pasture, but she can jump the fence and will if she doesn't want to be there which is a good possibility. I don't wanna leave our girls in the run for days (its not that big and they don't like it), but then I don't want them dead either. How strong is the likelihood that racoons can attack during the day? Any recommendations on what to do about this? thanks![​IMG]
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    2) I think coons attack at night, but you might want to keep an eye on them.

    Have you tried putting the dog on a long leash-run? That way he/she can still protect the chickens.
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    you need to eradicate that coon get a cage trap and set it at the base of the tree. or call a friend or close resident and have them come shoot it. imo he wont attack in the day unless he is starving or rabid none the less I would keep it treed till you can eradicate it.
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    Coons are diurnal and will be active during daylight hours

    If you not have a gun, ask a neighbor for help. Other option is leave hens lcked up and users trap.

    Welcome to BYC. [​IMG]
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    thanks for the replies. We are trying to contact a neighbor with a gun. I like the trap idea, but once its trapped, then what? I think the best option is to kill it but it is pretty darn high up in that tree. Anyways, we are going out tonight so maybe we'll get a trap too and then it'll be easier for the neighbor to kill. Wish us luck!

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