coon invasion


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
western kentucky
last night a coon went ito my barn and kill 5 coturnix quail and one golden comet laying hen
when i went out there there were quial wings scattered all over the ground im going to catch that coon and then kill i am going to set a trap this afternoon has this ever happened to u
Yup. Just recently. Coons knocked over my cage, pried open the doors, and killed ALL of my quail.

I'm apparently cursed with negative quail energy.

We're hoping to move soon, but I've been trying to trap the suckers anyways. Haven't caught not a one, and I've tried every trick in the book.
will u be getting more quail i just started today of building a new quail pen
it will be standing 4 ft off the ground and its 8 ft long 4 ft wide and 2 ft tall how many birds do u thaink will fit in that i heard 1 sg ft a bird so would that be 32 quail 8x4 thanks bye
I'm sorry that happened. I was losing quail to stray cats, they would come around at night and bite the heads off my quail, or just scare them so much that they would jump around like crazy and bonk themselves to death. I put a 6 inch tall row of 1/2" hardware cloth around the bottoms of my cages so they couldn't stick their heads out anymore, trapped two cats and I cover the cages with towels at night.

Raccoons are trickier though, that's terrible.
Trapped 2 yearling coons...yesterday and today...
Thank GOSH though that i've just had these live traps set as precaution because I am SURE that had I not set those traps I'd have dead birds yesterday.

BTW.... i baited hte first live trap with marshmallows, the second with brownies... caught em before on twinkies too
(for some reason i find this humorous).

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