coop against the fence/hardware cloth on 4 sides or 2?


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May 5, 2015
Pacific Northwest
Ok, I have a structure that is a roof and posts right now. I want to build off one side to make the 'coop' and make this the run. I would like them to free range most of the time but just in case I want to have all of the above. Question: I was going to put this up against the fence and put plywood or something along the back side and then put hardware cloth on the front so it is open. Should I do hardware cloth around the whole thing? Is it bad to have it against the fence for predators?
As long as the fence doesn't have any loose or rotting boards then you should be fine using it as part of the coop. Just attach the hardware cloth to it so nothing can get inside.
Ok. Would you attach the hardware cloth in the inside or outside of the wood. If I am going to do hardware cloth maybe I will just skip the wood all together. Also, it's 27 1/2 inches wide 142 inches long. Would this be big enough as a run or is it too skinny?
I'm not sure what the space requirements are for ducks, but chickens need 10 square feet each for a run and 4sf for the coop. Silkies are smaller so they could get away with less space.

Is the area you showed the entire space you plan to use? Coop and run included? Since you're wanting to free range them most of the time I'd recommend adding another 10sf to the run instead of 20. See if you can make it 3feet by 12 feet.

I dont really understand what you mean by "attach the hardware cloth in the inside or outside of the wood" ?

You souldn't need any extra plywood for the run, just make sure they have a decent shelter at night.

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