Coop and run 90% complete ready for next step

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    Sep 11, 2013
    As the title suggests we are just about ready to take the next step which is getting our chickens. We have decided to go with pullets for ease and I have a few questions... What material for inside the coop and inside nesting boxes, hay, wood chips, pines straw? What about the run currently it simply has grass. How do I get the chickens home, crate, cat carrier, cardboard box??? What about feed and grit???

    Any help is appreciated.
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    OOOOh it's so exciting to get your first chickens!

    I've only had chickens since April, so I'm not an expert, but I can tell you what has worked for me.

    My 5 pullets live in a 5 x 12 covered run and a 3 x 5 coop area. I have a mild climate, so they only sleep in the coop. (Well, the nest boxes are in there too, so they lay in there) In the coop I used to have wood shavings, but recently I took out all the shavings and covered the whole floor with a couple inches of Sweet PDZ. Every day or every other day, I scoop the area under the roosts with a kitty litter scoop. Only takes a minute or two.

    Nest boxes have mixture of wood chips, timothy hay, and I throw in some rosemary sprigs because I like the smell. 2 golf balls stay there, too.

    My run is dirt, and yours will be too soon enough! (LOL) unless it's huge. Chickens can destroy grass amazingly quickly! I use a modified deep litter method in the run, which is mostly wood shavings, with grass clippings, dried leaves, etc. Since my run is covered it stays very dry, and the droppings get mixed in quickly. I rake it and mist it with water about once a month.

    One corner of the run is lined with rocks for a dust bath. I toss in wood ashes and sand there occasionally, and use the kitty litter scoop to clean it once a week or so.

    I brought mine home in a cardboard box. Kind of depends on what size they are when you get them.

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