coop and run build in progress

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5 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Here are a few pics of the new coop and run. You can see the little chickens in the run. They got their first taste of it today. Hope to have things further along in a few days so they can move in.

Here is the latest pic. The coop is finished. Trim is up. The windows slide in the track I made. The chicken door is a slider. The covered porch is the means by which the chickens get from the coop to the run. I purposely placed the coop outside of the run. This will allow me to clean the coop while the girls are outside in the run. As well as allow me to pull up with my cart to collect the litter.
I hope this isn't a dumb question because I don't know a whole lot about chicken coops, but why is the coop high up on one corner like that so that everything is on an incline? I have just never seen a coop built like that before, so I'm wondering if that has some special purpose? Once again, sorry if it's a dumb newbie

The run looks great! I wish I had come on here and got the advice about a good cover over the run when we built ours last year. I knew better than to leave it open, but we just put up a nylon netting and there was about 4 inches gap on the sides of the run where the netting didn't meet all the way and, sure enough, a darned hawk flew right through that 4 inch gap and got two of my girls last fall. :( I couldn't believe he could get in there and back out and not get caught in the netting. Needless to say, we installed hardware cloth the next day. Found out the hard way its not worth it to try to save a buck...
It's an optical illusion......I imagine that the coop is level but the ground is not and the fence follows the ground.

Chicken wire should keep the hawks out, won't keep much else out tho....hopefully the coop is solid to guard against night predators.
The coop is on a hill. We live in the mountains and don't have much ground that is flat. So far the chicken wire has done a God job keeping the girls safe. Coop is very secure. Thanks

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