Coop and run, I think I'm finally finished

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    May 11, 2015
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    I started my coop in April 2015 and finished the main construction in about 5 weeks. This spring I added a roof over the run, a railing around the path leading to the coop and an extension to the run, also with a roof. Now that all the plants have grown in for the season I wanted to post a picture of the completed project.

    I tried to make the Coop fit in with the natural surroundings. It's bordered in the rear by a limestone wall and surrounded by some huge trees. I think this makes it look smaller and less obtrusive.
    There is an old cattle fence above the rock wall, in the wooded area behind the coop. I've made a 5' barrier on the left side with bird netting, and I've stapled bird netting behind the railing to keep then hens out of the part of the garden I want to keep nice. We've got them fenced in with out it appearing they are fenced in.
    When we are home, we prop open the run door and they have free reign. The chickens themselves have become a landscape feature.

    Thanks for viewing.
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    My Coop
    I love it!! What an interesting and very cool design!

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