Coop Canopy Collapse


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Mar 24, 2012
I feel very sorry for all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. While it did not damage our house, it did collapse the canopy above our chicken coop. My husband and I worked out in the rain and wind building a roof for our girls. Now that's love! Lol! I updated my coop design page.

We got our 3 hens in March so this is our first winter (we live in WV). Its hard to make out but in the picture there is a roost bar in the right corner. This is where they have been sleeping ever since we finished the coop and kennel.

They only go in the coop to eat and lay eggs. Should I lock them in the coop at night or just leave them alone? I am not worried about them getting attacked. I am only concerned its to cold for them to sleep outside the coop.

Thanks for any help!
Not sure what kinds of chickens you have, but with a coop with good protection against the winds, elements, I'd put them up at night! Glad you are alright after storm. We had very high winds here for us anyway, but no rain/snow.

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