Coop design, construction options


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Nov 9, 2020
Southern Indiana
I'm an old drafter, learned on the board then 2 decades on CADD.
Looks like you may have some experience there too?
Odd scale tho, follows your other number splitting ;)
Noted scale doesn't really match the dimensions,
could get you in trouble, and drive you nuts, once you start to build.

I will suggest again that you go bigger than the 4sqft per bird rule.
5x8 is odd for standard lumber sizes.
Thanks, unfortunately in my proffesional work I never needed to learn CADD. Yes scale could have been more convenient. In the next schematic I will use 1 sq=3”. And yes, it is not ALL in the scale! Also, I agree that size 5x8 is odd. The size of 4x10 (other option to get 40 ft2) would be too wide for the place where I plan to build it, plus not sure if it is much better (still the floor will have one line where the plywood sheets connect).

When I iron the dimensions I will make more proper drawings for the framing the structure.

At this time I am staying at these relationships:
- 4 ft2/chicken
- 0.5 ft2/ 10 ft2 of the floor space for winter ventilation (nesting boxes are outside and its floor doesn’t count as the floor space)
- 2.0 ft2/ 10 ft2 of the floor space for additional summer ventilation.

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