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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have designed a 12' x 18' raised walk-in style coop with a 4' x 6' entryway. The run will extend out on each side and underneath. Some questions:

    - I would like to use double-hung windows. Should the windows be installed normally, or inside out? I'm planning on covering them with hardware cloth for added security.
    - one third of the coop will be sectioned off for bantams, new additions, or broodies with a separate run entrance (run will be split under the coop). Do the nest boxes or roosts need to be lower than those for the standard breeds?
    - Is there a preference to which side the roosts and nest boxes are located (ie under window, over pop door, out of sunlight, etc.)
    - I am hoping to score some chain link fence and plan to reinforce it with hardware cloth (apron plus up about 4'). Will that be secure enough, or should I dig a trench for concrete block as well? What should I use to cover the run area?
    - Since I will essentially have 2 runs with 2 doors as entryways, how do you secure the door? You can't have a hardware cloth apron attached to the door? Should the door open in or out? What about the coop doors, do they open in our out?

    I appreciate all your advice!!!
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    I made interior inserts mounted with hinges. Sandwiched 1/4" rabbit wire between 1x3 and used 1" staples to attach 2"x4" Turkey wire to the exterior side. Locking side is 2 spring loaded eye hooks top and bottom. Just swing 'em open and open or close the windows from inside the coop. The coop is 10x18 shed style with 3 double hungs, I also did the same application for the man door. Only a determined dog or coyote could rip it open but they would have to jump 4 ft to get to the windows. My roosts face the windows so the birds can get the low winter sun for warmth if they want and the nest boxes are in the darkest part of the coop. My main entry exterior door opens out and the interior screen door opens in. I didn't want to blast into the chickens with a solid wood door and I can see where they are through the screen door.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    By doors for the run, I meant the HUMAN doors, not the POP door. Can't predators dig under the human door to the run? Still a bit unclear about the windows (sorry, I'm a visual learner, I guess!) If I install the double hung windows just like in a house, does the hardware cloth get attached to the outside to keep predators from tearing the screen and getting in, or do you attach it to the inside to keep the chickens off the sill? If you install the hardware cloth inside, how would you open the windows?
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    Predators can dig under the door. Here's a visual of my apron. Put the hardware cloth on the [​IMG]outside to protect the screen from getting torn up from predators.

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