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Aug 17, 2011
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So, we are still in the design stages and I am wanting to have my coop on "Stilts". I don't necessacarily need the extra square footage for the run. But the shade would be nice for my birds. Mainly want to do it to keep from giving mice, rats, and snakes a place to hide. So, I was wondering if you guys that have lifted coops could let me know how high off the ground you built them and what your reasoning was for the hight. Thanks.
Mine is about 3 feet off the ground. We did this because we used an old dog house and wanted to put the nesting boxes (external) at a good level for getting eggs, and so that you can look in without having to lay on the ground
I think your height will depend on the design of your coop. I would raise it up to a height where cleaning and egg collection can be done comfortably.
For the same reasons as you stated, but probably just give them more shaded run space. However, I'm almost done building my 2nd coop and I avoided the elevated thing because I wanted to be able to walk inside it. 1st time I just thought about the chix, but now everything is bigger the 2nd time around and more user friendly for me as well as the chix. But in the beginning, you don't know enough to know that you don't know, lol!!!
Three feet high, gives the girls an extra roost to enjoy, still tall enough for me to access but short enough that I can still service the upstairs. The result is more square footage with a smaller footprint in my small garden.
Mine is 2' off the ground because an 8' 4x4 makes nice legs, it's a good height for sweeping the litter into the wheelbarrow, and it's not too tall for ease of egg collection (the nest boxes are another 20" above the floor height).
Mine is 4 feet above ground and a 4 foot coop height. All my birds like to be high up. I like the height of the floor of the coop because it's just the right height for me to scoop out the sand floor and other maintenance needed inside and underneath is still a good height for me to get under to do anything needed there. I use the underneath area for their food dish, food storage, and anything else I want to keep dry. My chicks seem to prefer to be in the rain or at least under the blueberry bushes when it rains but will occasionally hang out under there too even when they aren't eating. One other note my roosts are hung from the roof of the coop. This leaves the floor completely obstacle free and has been great. I also do not have a ramp for them to get into the coop. There is a large log about 1.5 -2 feet tall placed near the pop door which folds down to form platform for the to jump up on. Some will uses the stump to get in or out some just go straight to and from the platform. Some do whatever the moment strikes them. They definitely have no problem with the height and I think they are stronger birds for it.
I have an 8X8 base coop that I'm still building. It is about 26 inches off the ground, which is plenty high enough for chickens to get under. It is also high enough for me to crawl under if I need to. I didn't want to make the coop much taller than that- because I wouldn't be able to reach the nest box or the windows. I wanted to be able to reach the windows without having to drag a step stool out there. My walls are 6 feet high, and with the roof- there will be plenty of head room and nice high roosts. Any higher than 2 feet off the ground- just be sure you can reach all your vents, windows, boxes, etc... without having to drag out a ladder! You want it to be easy to use, not frustrate yourself.
Chickens don't even need a full two feet off the ground, but I wanted to be able to crawl under it easily myself. Even as it is now, I'm having a hard time getting in and out of the coop clean out doors while I'm building. I'm using a stool to step up on. Which means I've decided to build a nice little deck with stairs up to it so I don't kill myself getting in and out when it's finished.


This coop is 4x6 and is lifted 2 ft off the ground. For me it was to give them more space. I really prefer this one that is 8x8 and sits on paving blocks.

24" is plenty for the chickens to take advantage of the area beneath. Other than that it is a matter of what is most convenient for you.

Here is a link to our first build.

This coop is raised 24" and the chickens spend much of the heat of the day under it.

This is our second:

This coop is not raised, but I frequently find the bantam chicks hanging out under the nest boxes which are just high enough for them to fit beneath.

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