Coop-in-a-Coop - your pics needed


11 Years
Aug 8, 2008
DH and I were discussing our shed/run arrangement and realized that we had come up with the same idea.

Since the shed is 7' x 10', there is plenty of room inside.

I said I wanted to build almost a separate elevated area INSIDE the shed to house the nest box and roost, and he said he was thinking the very same thing. It would have doors that we could close in very cold weather, and be doubly protected from predators with the multiple walls and elevation off the ground.

To help keep the coop warmer in winter and cooler in summer, the other half of the inside area will be dug down into the ground about 10 inches and filled with gravel.

When the weather is bad and they can't go outside at all, we can let the chickens out of the smaller coop into the larger area to play.

I have also decided I want to cover part of the run, although haven't told DH yet.

So.... looking for pics of small coops inside larger buildings - say a large shed, barn, garage, etc...
thanks Chris... that link does not work for some reason.

We have a 7'x8' shed with the back two feet of it seperated for a coop. It works out well for storage room up front. It is also elevated about two feet off the floor to allow for storage underneath it.


It still needs some work, but hopefully it gives you an idea! Good Luck!!
Here is my coop. It is built inside my barn. It has a small indoor run and a pop door leading to the outside. I close the pop door at night. Usually in the morning the chickens are up and waiting in the indoor run waiting to go outside. Its really great for vactions. I left my chickens for about a week and they were as happy as can be in thier in door run. Plus it secure inside my barn so I don't worry about predators.
Thanks guys! These are exactly what I was looking for.

I like the idea of being able to see inside the coop w/o having to go inside or open the door.

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The two "back doors" on the backside of my coop are really convienent. The top one is right behind the nesting boxes and the bottom one is my easy clean out door. I just open the hatch, rake right into my wheel borrow. back doors are great for avoiding stinky feet.
The front of my coop also opens if I need to get inside for any reason. Instead of nailing the front on I just hinged one side. Super easy.

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