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Apr 25, 2011
Vancouver, WA
Well started this thing about 4 weeks ago and am finaly in the last stages(well almost) I have pictures of the entire build so far but they are on my camera so took a few shots with the cell as it was easy. So far I think I have at least 50 plus hours and about 700 bucks invested. All this for 4 girls (well maybe 3 I think one might be a roo) I based it on the Witchita desighn in the coop section. Footprint is 5 foot 4 x 12 foot 4 I had to do this as the bricks I used for the base came out to these dimensions as I did not want to cut them. I live on a hill so built a foundation out of a retaining wall and went from there. All wood has 2 to 3 coats of paint and also the interior has 3 coats of Kilz and 3 coats of semi gloss. I still need to finish the siding I got 3 sides finished today but no pics and will finish tom hopefully. I am using cedar board and bat and looking to get a rustic look to it. Also need to finsih the doors and windows and cut in some vents. Other than that I think it is almost there. Going to put in a auto door as I leave at 5 am for work and do not want to let them out then as we are in a urban setting. Well tell me what you think and will post more pics as I have time.


Congrats on the coop neighbor. I 'm north by a bit in Ridgefield / fairgrounds. Are you west or east side? I would like to see bigger pics too
did you resize them when you saved them off?
The pics were taken with my cell phone so as for resizing them I did not. I have a bunch of pics from day one when I cut the tree down to start the foundation. I actually have not taken a pic from framing to what you see there. I need to take some new ones tom. when I get out to work on it. I actually got all the siding on today and just need to build 2 doors tom and finish the nest box roof and I am good to go. I will get the pics all figured out as I want to make a page from start to finish. I really like the way it is turning out and just need to remind myself it is just achicken coop.

Oh I am on the east side of town towards 162nd just out of the city limits. I think my sons favorite is a roo and I would love to keep him but the neighbors probably would not like me very much. Legaly I am able to but for keeping the peace I think he might need a new home.
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One thing I have noticed early in the morning... before I had chickens I never noticed but now that I do and I am up when the rooster crows I can hear how many of my close and far (street away) neighbors have roosters and from the sound it, lots of em. If your legal to have a rooster than do so. I may be on 5 acres but the houses are fairly close. All have said how much they like to hear our Jersey Giant crow as its a deep one. I have two other roosters that crow as well as I have more than one group of purebred pens. Nothing sounds more like living in the country than a roosters crow.
When ever I take a pic on my cell phone, there are 2 in the list. The first is a thumbnail and the second is the full sized one. Hope this helps, I want to see too!
Ok hopefully these pics will turn out better. I am almost done now but here are a few from when I started building.
Ok so pic kind of worked am trying to resize them and go from there.
Pics are a little blury from resizing them lucky for me I can reun a saw better than the computer. Pics are not really in order either but will explain if any questions.







Ok pics still suck but you get the point. Until I get the pics figured out well these will have to do. But as for now am almost done and need to get my 3 girls and one boy outside. They are going stir crazy in the brooder even though it is pretty big.
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