Coop is finally finished


Cooped up
11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
I still need to fit perches and a divider in the nestbox. The coop is going to be used as a brooder for a while, so those items can wait ....

Meanwhile, here it is

There is a BYC page too, but I can't make the link work
It looks wonderful! I'm new to chickens, but I'd move in there!

Now, do they go loose outside? Do they stay in the coop? I noticed a side door?
There isn't actually a *side door*

Both of the longer sides are removable for access and cleaning. One has a removable screen that can be left in place permanently, or removed.

My next step is to build an enclosed run to attach to the pop-hole end. That will be coming in the next week or two.
Thanks, I entered it.

I must say ... although I am vain enough to enter a contest, I look at everyone's coops and just see individual designs that fit the particular needs, budgets and skills of the builders.

For me it's not about "better", but variety

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