Coop mangled, feed all gone and chickens all fine?

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Jul 12, 2022
Eastern Oklahoma
Hello everyone,

I currently have 8 cinnamon queen hens and a rooster. I am pretty new to keeping chickens- I've had mine for around 2 months. 2 nights ago, when I went to let the chickens out, their feeder was knocked over and emptied. Last night, I put their feeder in the coop to prevent it from being eaten from again. the coop has the area with nesting boxes, and a small extension. I put the feeder in this little expanded area. I woke up to see the coop like this. The extension wasn't attached to the coop. All of the chickens were fine, and none were injured. The run is an old greenhouse frame wrapped with construction safety fence, and it had a tear in it big enough to fit maybe a small bear? I live in eastern Oklahoma, and there aren't a ton of bears around here. Any idea what could have done this? I've had no problems with predators at all, just this.

Edit: The feed was all gone this morning as well.


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Have a hard time imagining what type of predator this is. I don't think bears would be interested in grain-based feed and most other predators aren't that strong. Do you have a trail camera that you might be able to place out there? It is likely that they will be back tonight if they ate that feed.

In this case, it looks like the hardware cloth did it's job, but the construction (lighter/thinner wood, not firmly enough joined) is what failed in the attack. If you do have a bear, then you will likely need a more solidly constructed setup.

Edit: It would be helpful if you put your general location in your profile. That often can make a difference in people's answers if you forget to mention it when asking a question.
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I have heard that sometimes bears will smash into the feed storage and ignore the chickens.

*IF* it's a bear the only solution will be a strong electric fence.

Electric fence is good against most, not all, but most predators and pests.

I suggest looking for footprints, claw marks, hair, etc. and taking what you find to your local ag agency or even some local hunters to see what they can identify. This in addition to setting up a game camera (perhaps around a feeder placed safely away from your chickens specifically as bait for a camera trap).
There were no prints, hair or anything to identify it by. The dirt was already like that from the chickens before this happened. I don't have a game camera; I'm going to move the chickens and camp out on the roof tonight and see if I can find out what it is.
I think it could be a fat raccoon. They like feed and can do a number on fencing. I had one pull a juvenile roo through a hole after pulling a big enough area of my fence up and that wood looks thin. I think a big raccoon could handle it. I've had coons that knock over my feeders outside my smaller coops and roll them around the yard. I also have milk jugs filled with water that I use to fill waterers, on one occasion they rolled the filled ones around and dumped them. Those jerks eat everything.

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