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    Jan 6, 2014
    Hi everyone! I'm new to BYC - I will be getting a small flock of hens this Spring (yay! so excited!). I know this question has probably been asked a million times, but I couldn't find any threads for this so, here we go!

    I live on a small horse farm. I will be putting my coop next to my barn and I currently have 2 options - putting the coop on one side that gets less sun during the day, but more protected from wind by the barn, or the other side which gets almost all day sun, but will get a good brunt of the wind. I live in NJ - so hot, humid summers and cold, sometimes snowy winters. The hens I plan on getting will cold-hardy - Speckled Sussex, Barred Plymouth Rock, Easter Egger, Golden Laced Wyndotte, etc. Any thoughts on this? From my experience, horses are much better at warming themselves up than cooling themselves down - does this apply for chickens as well??
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    I vote for putting them on the side that gets less sun. I'm from PA, and I would guess our weather is similar to yours. You can keep your coop draft free so your chickens will be protected from the wind when they're in your coop. You can also put up wind blocks around your run if you plan to have one. I use tarps covering 3 sides of my run in the winter for wind protection. My girls are less tolerant of the heat, and look for shade when free ranging in hot humid weather. They pant in hot weather, and generally look uncomfortable. I would think full sunlight in the summer would be hard on them. I have a mixed flock as well - RIRs, black sex-link, barred rock, leghorn, buff orpington, and some mixed breeds. Good luck with your chickens, and welcome to BYC [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Go with less sun and less wind. Just imagine a wind like tonight blowing from the North West with a negative degree chill factor. I'd protect them from both the sun and the wind.
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    I agree.... less sun more protected. A shady coop is nice in the summer and it will help with drafts in the winter.
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    How inhospitable of us.... [​IMG]Welcome to BYC.

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