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    First of all. My Name is David and I live in West Texas. I have spent a lot of time on this site, and just joined. Now on to my question. I am planning on building a new 2 part coop. It will be 12' by 8'. Planning on 5' by 8' for 4 RIR Hens and 1 Rooster. The other 7' by 8' will be for Cornish X Rocks. Was hoping for at least 12 birds. Due to the abundance of skunks opossums and coyotes, I am not planning on building an outdoor run. I know I have enough room for the layers. My question is if 56 sqft is enough room for 12 to 15 meat birds during their 6 to 8 week life from mailbox to the plate? I know more room would be better, but am just wanting healthy meat. Yes, a run and more room is more ethical for the birds, but it is what I have for room. Is this a realistic number of birds? I am also limited on budget. I was planning on putting up walls for the north west and east side of the coop. I will also wall between the layers and meat birds. I will use welded wire for the south side.
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    If you want truly healthy birds and the best meat, you'll want the birds outside, foraging for their own food as much as possible. If they are inside all the time, eating commercial feed, they'll be similar to store bought chickens. Chickens kept in a confined area get bored, and tend to start picking on each other as a result. If you can find any way to give them room to roam outside, they will be much better off for it. Plus there is tremendous enjoyment in seeing chickens roaming the yard, seeing the rooster find food and call the hens over to get it etc.
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