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May 3, 2015
Ok so I am planning a coop for 6 chickens and I have a area planned out in the backyard that will work perfectly. So I have a couple of questions. We face north and get tons of sun in the area I have planned for the coop. Sun till almost the sun goes down. There is no tree for shade, so I would be covering it with a roof and maybe on one half of the run with a tarp so they have shade. My questions are 1) what would you do for the area of the coop/run? Put it where there is tons of light or off to the side where they get sun part of the day. I am in Alberta, Canada so would like the sun for the winter to help warm the coop. 2) I am really liking the raised coop idea but am unsure if it is a good idea with the winters getting to -30 or -40 with wind chill. Anyone here have a raised coop with my winter temps? how do you warm it and how does it work out or would I be better off building a coop like a mini shed on the ground with a concrete floor to help warm it? My really sunny area is a nice size, totalling 15 feet long by 6-8 feet wide so I have room for the 6 chickens no problem and the side that gets shade I can build a nice size coop and run as well. HELP please.


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Jun 18, 2013
I would put it in the sun with making sure they have a shade area, chickens don't need heat they were born with these great down coats they can't take off,water and shade is more important they don't like the heat,in new england last winter was the coldest on record and with no heat mine did just fine, coop vents were open all winter above their heads to get the moisture out,no frostbite no problems.


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Feb 18, 2013
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
I agree - heat seems to be harsher than cold. I would plan to create shade with landscaping first - some well placed deciduous trees for summer shade and some evergreen shrubs or small trees as a wind break. There are some great chicken-safe vines that would provide you with shade (and treats) in the summer.

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