Coop Roof in New England


5 Years
Feb 10, 2014
Eastern Massachusetts
Do I need to use shingles for my coop roof in Massachusetts? Is it needed for snow and cold or for hot summers? I'm thinking about Tuftex. I originally posted a similar question in the wrong forum. Thanks for any help!
You don't necessarily need shingles you can use the Tuftex, I think most use shingles because they are easy to work with and have been around forever.
In PA, we have neighbors with a Tuftex roof, and it seems to have held up well, even in a very snowy winter. We have an old chicken house already but we're considering putting Tuftex over part of the run -- the translucent kind to let in more light. Still haven't figured out what to do for shade in the high summer, though.
One further thought: These neighbors have the Tuftex on top of flat cross-beams, such that the spaces in the sine wave create ventilation. The ceiling is maybe 7' high so hopefully that wouldn't be drafty on the hens in winter. It seems to work for them.
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