Coop run doors, please share them with me


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va
If I choose to go the route
Post, board, 1/2 hardware cloth for the whole run

Please how to make the door?

Photos would really be appreciated
It's a little tough to tell in this photo. The run door is to the right. It's just a 2x4 frame with corner support's and hardware cloth attached. Sturdy hinges as well. There is also a hasp for a pad lock.

Ours looks a lot like Baymen Moe's. Our only regret, - make the door a little higher (we'll be digging out some of the dirt in front of the door this summer). It swings out, and despite shoveling, snow and ice build-up is bad. I can open the run door only enough to squeeze in there! Glad spring is coming soon!
Great advise you just shared, so your suggesting having the door higher, or you mean, placing more wood at the bottom..I got a little blonde moment going on...
The inside door for the coop is same as everyone. I put a 2x6 scrap board along the bottom of the wall, tall way so there is a 6" step. I built the door to flush with that, so there is no getting litter jammed into it. When I clean it out, I'll have to park the wheel barrow outside the door, but that's ok.
It's not a great picture of the run door since I was taking a pic of the coop, but you get the idea. My door frame looks pretty much exactly like Baymen's except that I have a 2x4 cross piece across the middle for added support.

Home Depot sells a wooden screen door for under $20 - - I added 2X4 welded wire to it ....

after this photo was taken I also added hardware cloth all the way around the run and door on the bottom and 2 spring clasps and a hinge lock.


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