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  1. CrazyCatCulby

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    Oct 27, 2011
    southwest Michigan
    I have two barred rock hens (standard-sized) and an old english game bantam hen (VERY pretty bird!) in a 4sqft coop with three nest boxes, and they have an 8x4ft run attached to it. It is entirely fenced in, even the top, so they are not really harassed by predators. I want to expand their home by putting the coop on some sturdy 2ft stilts, so they can shelter under it, and therefore make the 8ft side 12ft long, and then extend the 4ft side to at least 8ft, but possibly as much as 12ft.

    After the run is made bigger, I may add some more nest boxes to the coop and a few roosts, then get 4-6 assorted hamburg hens (bantams). I could add another 4sqft to the coop, as well. I may get a rooster if i can find a good quiet, gentleman-like one. (Any breed suggestions for the roo?)

    Anyway, will my future coop/run be big enough? are their any flaws in my ideas? any suggestions for anything else? I need to know if I should get less birds or add more to their home, so what do you think is the best thing to do?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Aug 1, 2011
    The Coop :)
    As for roo you may look into a Delaware, they are said to be gental and calm. Hope that helped, good luck!
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    I believe General rule of thumb is 4x4 ft per bird in the coop and 10x10 in the run. They should only be in the coop to sleep or lay, so a lil bit less is ok.
    But in the run and in the coop for that matter, If the birds are cramped then you are more likely to have pecking, fights, health issues, and remember general happieness=eggs!

    I personally have 26 in a 10x10 coop. BUT they are only in there to sleep. I also have 4) 10ft roosts starting at 18inches and up and back every 18 inches (stair step)
    Of course 23 all squeeze and sleep on the top 2 roosts in the coop. They have a seperate nest/egg house to lay in with their choice of 16 nest boxes. of course they only lay in 2 boxes! LOL

    there are another 16 that have chosen to stay in the egg house. It has 5) 8 ft roosts.
    If I have a hen go broody she will stay in the egg house until the chicks are big enough to roost with the grown ups. Her choice not mine! [​IMG]
    all of the runs, the coop, and egg house stay open at all times. They can pick and choose where they want to go or stay.

    I have 2 runs. The first is 40x20 both houses access this run. Then if they choose to exit the egg house north, they will enter the smaller 20x30 run.
    I have found that some hens and the lower roo's will choose to stay in the smaller run, more often. The higher roo's and some hens will stay in the big run.
    it seems the higher roo's for some reason dont like going into the egg house. The coop is on the ground but the egg house is 18 inches up. This allows then to still get out of the coop and not get wet in rain. They can get under the egg house if they choose. It also helps in summer. They will dig their dust bath holes in the cooler sand.

    I have 16 roo's who are comming of age...... They are about to head to freezer camp!

    I hope this helps a little.

    Good Luck and God Bless!
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    :frowHi and welcome
    If you add 4 more ft. to your coop so it ends up being 4*8 then you have enough room for 8 standard hens or 10-12 bantams. Give them as much room in the run as you can, they will be happier and so will you. It sounds like you have a good plan, show us pics of your progress:pop
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  5. CrazyCatCulby

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    Oct 27, 2011
    southwest Michigan
    That sounds great, so far! I was also thinking about silkies. I would love to take them to the fair! I would keep the silkies separate from the others, though, because my barred rocks are pretty mean sometimes! I may keep my English game bantam hen with the silkies, so she dosent have to be picked on. Yay! Another coop![​IMG]
  6. smalltownchicks

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    Jul 7, 2011
    I apologize if someone already said this but I didn't read ALL of the replies. I have 7 hens and they use 1 nest box, I have 2. If you go down to 1 box, that would give you a bit of room too. [​IMG]

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