Coop/run update...


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Wimberley, TX
It has been a slow process, but finally making progress! The coop is, basically, completed. The run is almost ready:

The coop is 4' x 8', and the run is 8' x 8' - plenty of moving around room!

The bi-fold door you see will be moved out to the new door frame, and the hardware cloth behind the feed tubs will be removed from the front of the coop.

A little closer shot of the back wall of the run.

A friend of mine stopped by to help me clear the free-range (eventually fenced) yard - wow...he really cleared it! And he left the small stump of a tree in place as a natural place for the birds to roost!

What a great natural roost for the free-range area!

The free-range yard from just inside the run. This is going to work great!
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Congrats it looks Great!

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