coop size and nest size

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  1. julieseggs

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    Apr 28, 2008
    iam still learning and remodeling. my coop is 8x12. my nest boxes are about 28 inchs of the ground. there roost are about 54 inches of the ground. does this sound ok? i have 7 orps,5arramac, and 1 rir. there about 22 weeks old now. they all seem to love there roost. nest boxes are closed for now just waiting to have a open nest box party
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    Yes, it sounds fine. You'll need a ladder or some type of perch that the girls can access to get up that high to roost. And it's always better not to have the nesting boxes under the roost. [​IMG]
    The hens also seem to like a little landing spot, such as a flat board, in front of their nests. This way they can peek in and check things out before entering.


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